Ludia, where are the Dominion Dinosaurs?

Come on now Ludia. You have put alot of them in JWA at this point, why have exactly 0 come to JWTG?


Probably because it takes times to design and add the dinos. Camp Cretaceous dinos came many months if not years after those seasons were released. Chances are they are just porting them from JWA which of course isn’t easy.

Just gotta be patient.


They will come eventually, let’s just have patience

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They come eventually. Perhaps they make a new update for dominion creatures . The list is just a bit long since we have like 9 new species so it takes time. Some like lystrosaurus and microceratus also need new animations

because you aready have giganotasuarus ,therizinosaurus and pyroraptor.

Looking at how much different they are from the in game version we either get them as new gen 2s or they’ll be remodeled

To be fair we got Blue. Still waiting for its tournament.

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They can do gen 2 dinosaurus

Dreadnoughtus in JWTG based on the Dominion one, sign me up.