Ludia where are the new things to help us play and do all during this crisis?

I have not gone out since 5 days due to lockdown. It was opened today for 3 hrs . But as soon as it opened there were so many vehicles and people on road that I decided to stay at home . Now we have been informed that it is total lockdown like curfew for 21 days. There are treasure chests, supply drops items and dinos, strike towers which we cannot access from home. Sometimes we get a tower or two but can’t do all. And we cannot risk going outside as cops have been instructed to arrest anyone who comes out without any medical emergency. So we do need certain ways to ensure we still enjoy the game and not fell like left behind.
I have seen many posts since I have played this game which has been since sep 18. And I think there are few ideas which can be used to help us play safely during this covid 19 emergency. Most places we are only allowed to go out once in 2-4 days and that to only if necessary. So we do need a few ways to do everything in the game while staying at home. Here are the ones which are absolutely the best way to do this:

  1. To add more supply drops on the maps so that we have enough drops to be able to get all it gives while staying at home.

  2. The dinos under the green drops should change to the other dinos as soon as we finish darting the one it already has. Or it should get one back in 15 mins(immediately would be awesome)

  3. Increasing the range ( You guys have already thinking about it).

  4. The strike towers once completed should change to the other strike tower not completed. This way we would be able to do all strike towers while staying home.

  5. If there is any issue during this period and Ludia is not able to resolve it then we can send mail to the support and get the benefits we lose due to it. And the players should also understand that Ludia cannot work at their maximum capabilities as most would be working from home.

  6. This one is something I do not support as it is one of the ways to cheat. To allow to travel to different places while staying at home. I think it is called spoofing.

  7. To have atleast one strike tower and one green supply drop in every 200 mtrs and then follow point no. 2 and 4. Also every 200 mtrs there should be an treasure chest when offered in game so that we can finish them also

There are loads of other ideas which can be used. But I think the above ones will completely solve all problems.
What do you guys think? @Ned
And everyone?


Those are good suggestions. But don’t assume that ludia has done nothing. You see the three hour scent capsule that spawns everything, and basically infinite darts from the store. Those are going a long way to helping people complete their daily objectives and helping their Alliance.

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I was already typing to thank for those and u replied. I appreciate those two but we cannot do anything as most strike towers , supply drops, event dinos are not in range. I was only able to get 4 shots on rare event dinos and zero on epics last week. As none had come in range. I just don’t want that to keep continuing. That’s why I posted this.