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Ludia-Where Are The Spawn Changes?

I have been playing this game for a little over three months. I’m stuck in a local three zone. The dinosaurs here are horrible. I was so hopeful after this big update I would be able to turn on my game and see some more exciting dinosaurs besides that little green Diplo worm. We have the exact same thing here now. Really? Can you not do something to change them up like you said you would? Not only do I live in a zone three, I work in one too.


It’s changed for me. Not in a good way.

A Gorgosaurus, 10 Einiodaurus, a Dimetrodon GEN 2 in the distance, a v. Raptor.

Hope dusk dawn day are more interesting. We still have strike tower blocking bug so can’t use a scent or everything will spawn in that.

Right here. I haven’t seen this many eino since months! They never spawn around my home and now they are everywhere… :grimacing:

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I’m seeing tons of deinocheirus post update (L1)

My map is Full of einiosaurus thats Bulls…t-.-


here in L3 at night I se alot of irritator gen 2

Immediately had two irritators in reach!

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and 2 edmontosaurus I think l3 will be trash again

Looks like l3 is still the worst… :frowning:

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I’m seeing a bunch of green Diplo worms which is why I made the post. I figured I would turn on the game and see something different and this is what I’m seeing. LOL

My Zone was Bad before the Update and now its more Bad…

just hope epics are anky and sino :joy:

Hmmm i dont think the Zones are the same as before…used to be in L2 and all the deinocheirus have been replaced by Tarbosaurus, sarcosuchus by Einiosaurus…Echo used to be my rare raptor and now its Charlie, also Gorgosaurus used to spawn only at the restaurants of my town and now i saw one in the middle of houses. This from being on a 30 min walk around my house after the update. I think they have to update the spawn list

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Report from L3 I se a spinosaur gen 2, I want to cry! Ludia Why you hate us so much!


So far, all I’ve seen are 2x irritator Gen 2, a diplo and a raptor.

Really was hoping for a change, at least from diplo…

Zone 3 is just as bad as before.

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The problem is Zone 3 is still stuck with none of the relevant dinosaurs.

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Zone 3 was kept the worse in the game. I understand needing to get out to hunt but I should be able to hunt relevant dinosaurs in my area also.

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Zone 3 here too

More love for L3 from an L3 hunter!!! We got what, irritator gen 2??? Have it 40k from incubators!!!