Ludia, while I appreciate finding epics

Enough with Baryonyx already. Seriously. 4 or 5 a night? C’mon. If you could replace even ONE of those with a sino I would be eternally grateful. Or even a T-Rex. Raja would be nice, too - and let’s not forget anky. (I’m not crazy enough to even think that an erlik may spawn, ever.) While I also appreciate finding an oddball every once and a while, like 3 stegoceratops, a couple of posti, and a gorgo -

what happened to anything really useful?

*end rant.


While I love and still need lots bary, I would also like to see a better variety. Your point is valid.



:man_facepalming::woman_facepalming: facepalm

3 barries yesterday, and one so far today… agreed. I’d say… “At least it’s not a concavenator” to make me feel better :rofl:


oh yeah… 3 concavenators in the last few days, too…

I still need Barry’s!
Send them my way plz :joy:


Hmmm… nope

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I was down to 0 about 2 weeks ago…

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C’mon Bary, you know you are tired by now, lol. You are everywhere, all the time! Why not take a break and let the other Dinos play?


It’s an epic.

It could have been a common spawn.

I am with you guys in many complaints but any epic that spawns frequently with a decent use is cool with me

It seems to be a separate observation from the frequency of local epics to me

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Great time to ditch those junk Monolometros and other trash fwiw too

i have 9k spino gen 2 @ level 15 if it makes you feel better about barry :man_shrugging:

I have almost 6k bary lol

Send some here please.

I’ve seen a total of 3 bary since 1.5. Why is it spawning so much for everyone else?

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I actually saw a rex today, but usually 3 or 4 barys a day

I posted about this last night lol.
Glad I’m not the only one fed up with the Bary onslaught.
I don’t need it taken away or nerfed… but supplementing them with something else would be nice.

Hey, I still need a million barys till tryo is max.

What :scream:
Lol, I need to book an Airbnb in your neighborhood for a week bro :joy:

That should long enough for my Tryox to level up 4-5 times :sweat_smile:

I honestly havent really seen an increase in bary spawns… i just dont see much rex these days… though today my variety was quite good pyro ourano on my ride to work… rex (non event) and a sino waiting for me at work.