Ludia, while I appreciate finding epics

I can’t find Bary anywhere… send them all to me. My Tryo can’t get past 20.

On the other hand, I haz the Raja

and i ignore 75% of them xD


Say that to t rex! I have over 1k rex dna stored! She spawns everywhere!

And I’m just sitting here hoping any epic spawns anytime anywhere :frowning: even when driving around he hardly see any epics ever. Used to see at least one per day now lucky to find 1 per week…

I have another t-rex this morning. This is at my house just out of reach. Kids ran to the park and got it.

I’ll take all the Bary I can get. It hardly ever spawns around here.

I get a lot of Barry and koola now. Not as many t-rex. Haven’t seen a erlick or ourano in probably 4 months. Rarely see anky or kentro.

The better question is, why aren’t they all spawning like bary…not why is bary spawning (for some, not me) more frequently?