Ludia why do you so badly want us to have this DNA?

I’ve never got any DNA in the wild. 15 DNA at a time from 99% of my incubators. It’s getting boring!

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Gen 2 is a waste of time though…

Hopefully with the next update they will shift it to something else.

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I really really hope they do

I’ll take it for the legendary, then the unique.

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I never get stygi and I really need it, I’m level 10 (almost 11) and I don’t have it.

If you don’t need them, just send to me.
I need these Stygi for Paramo & Tuoramo so badly.

I would if i could… vips get so mich stygi dna… every defeat 10 creatures incubator…im sitting on 850… with a level 17 stygi and a few fuses from paramuloch.