Ludia why don't you ask the community how they feel about changes before changing them?

Forget all the bugs that have been ignored since release and all the new ones introduced since then. You have an entire forum of people asking what the ___? About multiple changes to this patch. The rewards and duty changes are game changing in a way that many are debating if we want to continue to play, if this is a sign of how this game will be in the future.

My simple question is you have a forum and a Facebook page, why don’t you ask the community about these changes before putting them? I fail to see how most of these were a good idea for the health of the game and the community could of told you that. Yet here we are with no explanation to why you felt these changes are good. The community can tell you where they feel unbalance in the game is, obviously you have entirely different opinion on this and this total disconnect from the community makes us question, are we wasting our time playing for the next update that introduces similar changes?


They simply just dont care!! How many hours has passed since they posted about inc hotfixed…no info till now


I really don’t know why they did that. Breeding sucks, alpha chests and duties chests aren’t good anymore and of course looooooots of bugs…:angry::sob:

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