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Ludia, why the continued ignorance?


Nobody wants another tournament.

I made this poll to show you just how many people don’t want another tournament: What do you think should come next?

Do you read your forums? Have you read the comments on the Season 5 announcement post? What is wrong with you? Are you having a competition with Bethesda and Activision for being most out of touch with your playerbase?


I’m wondering if Ludia are thinking along the lines of ‘whenever we do a tournament, we get more money from the people who participate’.

In other words, all the other players - including those who spend their money outside of tournaments - are out of luck, because they’re focusing on one group of players. That’s the only thing I can think of right now.


With all due respect @Bryce_Hoffman your own poll (which was worded in a very weighted way) doesn’t support your statement that “nobody” wants it - 6% did. I am quite happy with another so please feel free to express your opinion but don’t pretend to speak for everyone.

@Delta - tournament or not has no bearing on whether I spend money on this game; not that I spend a great deal.


It’s like they want it to fail.

It just makes players equate the brand “Ludia” with “JWA”.

This is definitely the last Ludia game I’ll ever download.

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Well then you are the minority by a large margin. Despite my poll being “weighted” what was the result? No fixes and another tournament with the same format.


But from what I can tell, others do. That’s why I said I was wondering about it.

Most of the money in this game will come from competitive players.


It’s logistics. Tourney equal competition. Competition equals pay to get an edge.

No competition no money.

If you dont like tourney don’t battle…

Honestly it’s simple organize I bought and let your numbers speak.

Honestly I can take or leave it but I will get the highest reward I can at the end.


This. I have seen partial polls in my life and this one is gold :joy:
Seriously, how can one think a broken poll with 74 picks from angry players (with reason) could tell anything about thousands players??
You don’t want a tournament and would prefer an update before, SO DO I but just don’t throw this poll in it. It can only make one laugh.


You can call it partial, but look at what the outcome is.

No changes of any sort, just another tournament with DNA everybody wants but only a handful of players will get an amount that means anything.


I’ll take the free 500 dna. Haven’t seen one of these in months. We don’t play any different for the tournament. Our teams usually around 5000 but we drop back to 4500 quit often now to complete battle mission. During tournament we obviously don’t drop back like that. We just keep our incubators full.Given up on glitches in the game being fixed and just figure they are here to stay.

We saw before how fast they can fix something when they want to with the unlimited coins.


they aren’t making decisions based on 74 people :man_shrugging:

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Be that as it may, can’t remember the last time I saw a thread excited about a tournament.

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I remember, that was fixed the very next day.


They simply don’t care. This game isn’t meant to be popular for years. They milk the cash cow as long as they can and when the last p2w player has understood that he wasted hundreds of dollars and eventually quits the game, Ludia will release their next cash grab.


This seems to be what largely happened with Jurassic World: The Game. I’m really hoping for a better outcome for this because I actually enjoy the game.

I just hate the decisions being made.

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Sadly, if their is one thing Ludia has shown is they care more about short term gain rather then long term loss.

Look at the recent event in which non vips are currently struggling for the first time ever to hit the daily coin cap. Its a move that may earn them some vip subscriptions at the cost of some of their player base.

This game playerbase has is small and now that the Christmas event is over back on the decline. Ludia isnt tring to grow it by making spawns more intresting one of the biggest complaints cause there to busy tring to squeeze those of us who remain for every cent they can… even if they live in local 5.


I’m indifferent when it comes to the tournaments. I haven’t battled in weeks on my primary account but I get a reward after they end. :grin:

Really, these tournaments should be something you join and a totally separate arena. This way you can play regular for incubators and separately to earn bragging rights and trophies including something even small for participating.

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This game doesnt have the playerbase for that… ques can be long for the top players as is…

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Have fun with your tournament.

I’d have no issue with it whatsoever if I could opt out.

I’ll be sitting this one out unless there’s a drastic change.


They talked about creating separate ladders 2 tournaments ago. Hopefully that’s something that comes with the next big update, the player base is losing patience nowadays.