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Ludia why you do that?

Ludia, why you are you doing this?? I’ve trying to bred Skrillcrusher for weeks and still nothing. ONLY the 2 star Boltstamper! Are you serious? I’ve bred 2 Knock Rockets and there was ONLY 3 OPTIONS!! The percentual success of breed a good dragon is so, SO unfair. YOU are so unfair! I wrote exactly the same a few weeks ago with Fog Stalker. There were only 2 options! ONLY ghe 2 star Bitter Galeslash. This breeding percentual chance is so rigged. Please, fix it! Thanks.


Yes ! I have the same problem i was trying to breed dragons for two weeks with skrill and that green rumblehorn to get son of skullcrusher or any other new dragon but no chance


Yeah that’s unfair right? So many wasted fishes, time and energy… and STILL NOTHING!

Just because there are only 3 options, does not mean the rates are any better.
I’ve advocated for published rates like they do with draft

I’ve seen some people on fb claiming that leveling up and training your dragons increases the chances of rare dragons but there’s no proof since no one knows the exact probabilities and we don’t know if breeding the same 2 hybrids has better chances than breeding the 2 base species (e.g. Boltstamper + Boltstamper VS Rumblehorn + Skrill). The same can be said for the rarity (stars) of the dragons used.

In my case, i’ve also tried for weeks to breed a Copsekeep using 2 Fog-Stalkers but i mostly get Bitter Galeslash with the occasional 3* every few days. My team is maxed out and i can’t progress any further so right now i’m in the process of leveling them up to see if what people say holds any truth.

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We know that devs said it wasn’t the case. That’s good enough for me

I didn’t know that, well there goes that theory.

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Try harder and harder. Good dragon can’t be that easy :))

I don’t know the chances of getting 4* dragon but it feels like it got nerfed. Few weeks ago I got 4* dragons ( for example Son of Skullcrasher). I had to work on it, but I got it. Now the best was a 3* but basically it’s a 2*. I’m breeding a 4* and a 3* and the result is 2* dragon. I’ve spent a lot more resource to breed dragons then before but as I mentioned the result not even close then before.
Some information would be nice from the devs about the chances.

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Ive been breeding Sky Pirate with Frost Fang (3 star snow wraith), and I cant get anywhere with it. I bet I have 30 or so breeds into it, and the best I got was another Sky Pirate.

What is the point of this mechanic if you never get anything good? I’m better off hatching eggs.

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Not unless you have the last hatchery open.

I can hatch eggs faster than breeding. Both give me the same trash dragons that are only good for feeding to my other dragons. its faster to get trash through eggs that I can use to level up than it is through breeding.

Breeding has a chance of 3-5* dragons depending on what you breed. Eggs only 1-3* until later.
As they use different resources there is no reason to choose one over the other