Ludia wont pay out my tap joy double offer


I finally beat level 9 in summoners war and ludia says I never installed the app on my device and cant verify my account. Sent the screenshots of my account info and they claim I didnt follow the steps to download correctly. The only way to download is thought the offer steps, not my 1st getting credit for these offers. I would have never downloaded and played that stupid game if it wasn’t in the double offers, time wasted and I’ll probably never play another offer game if ludia is gonna bs people. It’s about time to cut VIP and play something else I guess if it’s getting frustrating and posting on here lol


Just download it again following Ludia’s way after uninstallig but make sure you have an account (google play) and you’ll be in level 10 instantly.


Hey Edbones21, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having an issue with the offer you took part in. However, these offers are provided by Tapjoy, and their staff would be more than happy to investigate further if you reached out to them. Our FAQ here has more information:


They are no help at all, that’s who I’m dealing with now telling me I never download on my device, I need my issues excladed to someone higher up the chain.