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In all seriousness, I wonder how Ludia decides which new creatures get released for the game? I like to imagine some guys just doing some hardcore good old Wikipedia/Google searches lol.

beautiful, but it looks like the breakfast of my tylosaurus … no in fact it is a shark its breakfast … in short … great idea! I can see him as a tournament legend!

besides, it would be surface or reef … I would like it to be reef …

said … is that a thread or can we write our dinosaur ideas or not? :thinking:

Judging by current Ludia logic, because it’s a fish it’d be a Cave creature. Unless they pull an Onchopristis (which is actually a sawfish not a sawshark) and make it a Surface then slap the shark animation on it.

But I like to think that if they put in the work to actually give Brachiosaurus a very unique sauropod model, then they might do the same for this giant ancient swordfish.

Yeah, the very first reef fish!

I am bored to explain that sawfishes are called so but they should be called sawSHARKS! They are “Elasmobranchii” meaning they have cartilagineous skeleton and they were the ancestors of modern sawfishes (Order Pristiformes, comprending even guitar-fishes). I am a fish expert, so try to hear me.

you are a great expert in fish … me it is in insects … I can quickly bore you with my knowledge.

Me even of birds. I could bore you with many strange names like
Sula Racquet-tailed Parrot
Northern Indigo-Banded Kingfisher
Sangihe Lilac Kingfisher
Queensland Longfish
Iberian Barb
and many others.

I mean, it’s kind of out of line, but here are some weird names of insects: coprophanaeus lancifer, dynast hercules … I avoid saying too many names, otherwise we’ll spend the day there.

Oh, i have never been interested in insects.

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insects are great, they are the very first living being adapted to terrestrial life, and that the dung beetle can support 1100 times its own weight!

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if the dung beetle was the same size as a blue whale, it could lift the Eiffel Tower, and, if it was the size of the moon, it could lift the earth

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Here’s another dino

it already exists, predator x is also named pliosaurus.