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LUDIA WTH .?. Epic Acrocanthosaurus strike tower Glitch!

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Bug Description: When the recent glitch occurred that mistakenly gave out Entelochops dna instead of the Acrocanthosaurus dna reward it should have been LUDIA removed the strike tower from the game temporarily until the glitch could be fixed. At no time had i attempted to defeat this epic strike tower because i had just seen a post that there was something wrong and ludia were trying to fix it. I left the strike tower alone did a few tasks then checked with members of our alliance ( RampagingBirds JWA ) and was told the epic tower was no longer in the game because ludia had removed it while it was being fixed, checking this fact i found that the strike tower concerned was definitely no longer in the game. some 2 hours later i saw the epic Acrocanthosaurus strike tower was back and i totally rebooted the game at that point. when my game rebooted i again went back to the epic strike tower and suddenly i found a cost to play / defeat it of $200 hard game cash sitting there staring at me like WTH ! i had not even attempted to defeat this strike tower yet so how in the heck could i now be facing a $200 hard game cash fee to defeat it .?. ( please check picture attached below at the bottom of this post as verification of this fact because i took a screen shot as proof of it. )

Area is was found in: game in general at every last one of the epic Acrocanthosaurus strike towers.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- try and open to defeat epic strike tower for rewards on offer
Step 2 -
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: every single time an attempt is made to click on this epic strike tower.

What type of device are you using: Android phone V9.2 with T1 hyperlink internet access

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

i mean idk, i would have just spent the 200 bucks to get it over with cuz if you didn’t well that was a waste of acro

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No way … i hadn’t even tried to have a go at defeating it yet and it stated that i had to pay $200 hard game cash upfront if i wanted to attempt defeating the epic strike tower… sorry not going to happen in my book… its standard that we get one * free attempt at defeating it then if we fail we can have another go but have to pay a fee in hard game cash for every further attempt in defeating it. So why in the heck would i pay for something when i never even got the chance at defeating it for free in the first place.?.

Ludia please help I tried this strike and spent 200 HC but both times after I killed the 3rd dino and would have killed the 4th it said defeat even when only 2 were killed ik y’all are terrible with helping out with stuff like this but come on this is getting ridiculous

Wrong Strike tower glitch. This thread is a bug with the Acro Strike.

That’s what I would do cuz its either ludia fixes it for next year or you spend the 200 bucks that you can get in a week for free and they give it back to you later if you spent it

Oh oops thx lol

Me pasó lo mismo a mí, gane y no me salió

Translated from Spanish

The same thing happened to me, I won and it didn’t work out

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Same thing. I beat the tower and then it told me I lost and had to pay $200 to play again?