Ludia wth honestly


So I’ve been bouncing back and forth between 4.8-4.9 arena and noticed spoofers are back in but with unmarked ranking. Can you please elebrate why the hell were still vsing lvl 29 dino spoof accounts and losing trophies upon loss when there ranking count is UNMARKED now. Doesn’t make any sense at all, seems like you left things half assed and unfinished to me. Keeping them out of ranks is fine, but why should we lose trophies vsing them?


Surprinsly I felt like battling in the arenas today. My FIRST match I fought this player… had it not been for RNG, I wouldn’t even stand a chance. To make matters worse I fought the ankytrollsaurus, literally made me loose my mind, and at a level 20? My diloranosaurus, utasinoraptor, and stegoceratops got ALL stuns in (even low stunning strike). How to piss off a spoofer :joy: Enjoy being on the top buddy :ok_hand:t2::grimacing:

Their team

My team


Yeah I have taken down some beefy 5000 rank spoofers my self, but right now prob 1-3 of my matches are against this mayhem lol. They have shown actions against these people but we’re still getting slapped in the face when it comes to the competitive aspect of collecting are trophies


for real for real spoofers should of had there games reset to nothing and there money given back. its ridiculous we should have to battle with them at all!!!


Yeah until then im just taking a break from the arenas. Honestly don’t get why it’s just a temporary, there is no benefit beside now knowing who the cheaters are. My broke self is only getting incubators for coins… even then it’s not worth the stress.


Sorry, I don’t think spoofers should get their money back. Does Blizzard give money back to people who use bots in their games? Does Niantic give spoofers money back when their accounts get banned? The simple answer is no, there should be a zero tolerance to cheaters period.


I won’t spend another dime until this is fixed. Its bull dookie


hey i agree with that 100% they shouldn’t get money or anything back they should be just completely eliminated from the game.


I could care less if they get reset or perm banned, but they should have 0% business keeping us legit players from climbing the ranks we deserve and go out and grind for. Having one of these cheaters have there rank stripped from them but still able to drop are own trophies in battle is a real issue here. Like the guy doing this fell asleep in the middle of his process, it’s absurd and needs to be addressed. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Lol


Kinda like allowing viewers of a drag race able to throw tires out in front of the road to cause a chaotic mess. There wins don’t matter for there unmarked rank but he’ll if they beat us those trophy’s we culminate takes a dive lol


Apparently Ludia doesn’t care about spoofers really or their good customers. I suggest everyone that pays for VIP to cancel immediately. Do not give them your money until they hear people and rest spoofers or ban permanently…

Don’t forget that people that turned themselves in got reset but all the hiding cheaters got is 24 hour ban. iT’S MESSED…


thats exactly whats happening, they dont have any reason to play anymore so why not cause a train wreck for the rest of us grinding it out…lol


It’s like Pokémon go all over again. But it matters more for this game cause Pokémon go just a bottle cap collecting game. Oooh this one shinny ooooh this one ain’t. I recall ludia mocking naintic in a article about the gestures against spoofers, funny how’s it all settling now we’re we are diluted with these folk in battle.


I feel like we all have been losing a lot since they announced the tournament, could it be that they want to give the least rewards possible before the reset?


Personally I’ve never really been a gamer. I just happen to come across an add for this game and considering I love dinos figured it would be fun. It was, but not anymore. I also won’t be putting anymore money into it. My husband, friends and parents also play because I got them interested but all of us are tired of not being able to advance because of the cheaters. Honestly, my husband and I would love going on nightly “hunts” but it’s to no avail anymore :frowning:


Ludia should remove them from recent opponents, or all social features. So they basically serve as bots, better than those implemented by Ludia. :joy:


Stopping all pvp interaction with spoofers makes sense. But it seems ironic given the plot of all Jurassic Park films Ive watched is they always get out and cause trouble.


I’m just asking here, because I don’t know.

How do you differentiate a spoofer from someone who spends a ton of money on the game?


You didn’t ask me how to differentiate spoofer from a big spender. But hey.

Big spender follows the rules. We have a choice to spend time collecting dna or spend money collecting dna. Which do you have most of time or money. I’m no big spender and I only play to walk. But if some millionaire buys incubators all day its in the rules they can. We can all read the rules and if we don’t like them will leave not break them.

Spoofer makes up their own rules. They try to play with others who have not agreed spoofing is legal.

If you don’t like rules just leave. Leave people who agree with the rules their thing. Find something you love doing without needing to change it. And hope others will leave you to your thing and respect your collective agreement.


I agree, it does seem like a very poorly executed plan. Which they made a big deal about doing. It does seem like it didn’t work as planned (yet) rather than this is how it was meant to be, as it makes no sense whatever to have done what they have done.

What I agree with most is those that are saying DO NOT spend any money until if/when this is dealt with.

You cannot compete with these super cheat accounts, maybe the occasional win but still. You cannot compete. If you spend money currently you may as well flush that money down the toilet because it will get you exactly the same result.