Ludia, you cheating

Fed up of this game!!!

1 win from 4000 trophies
I have it won, but their Dino with 5% crit, gets a crit and kills me…
Now lost 5 in a row, back down to 3850

Facing teams with indo and indominous on same team.
Facing someone who brought out the same unique TWICE.
Getting stunned by EVERY single minimum stun move

the whole game is a set up, I’m sure of it


I’m sorry you went on a losing streak that knocked you down to 3850 but that doesn’t mean any cheating is taking place.

A 5% crit that crits is unfortunate but not unfair. An opponent that has indo and indominus isn’t unheard of especially at your high trophy level.

Facing someone who brought out the same unique twice, however, sounds really weird. I can’t explain that one.


I know it’s probably not “cheating” but they 100% influence things…

It’s not all luck, no way


Here is the real issue Carl. People were constantly complaining about going up against level 30 bots (the level 30 would only do the minimum move every time)so Ludia lowered the level of the bots but they want to keep their bots superior so they now automatically do the best moves and they added the possibility of multiple dinosaurs of the same ones in the games! Plus the bots stun works 100% of the time!

They are tough to beat but it is possible unless you run into what I ran into last night 2 indoraptor in a row! I didn’t even fire off a shot!

This reminds me soooo much like JWTG when they added dinosaurs with levels of 500 to 600 and more when all you can do is 40!

Are you new to the concept of RNG? Sometimes it favors you and sometimes it favors the opponent. That is how it works… When you team is good enough to be Trophy 4,000 then RNG won’t even impact it. Right now you prolly have a borderline team that gets 4k if you’re lucky. It is no rush my man, it will happen.

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Do you really link your article in every post you see?

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It says all I need to say.

I’ll bet you $100 that you’re lying. Care for a friendly battle and a wage on whether I’ll be able to stun you with every minimum stun move?

Are you thick? Got nothing to do with friendlies…
Learn to read.
Facing bots, not players

He’s the dinosaur police

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I quote:

Now where exactly do you have the word “bot” in there or even anything related? Maybe learn to write before telling others to learn to read?


Maybe not set up but I do think it is odd that people have high lvl Dino’s like lvl 25+ within hours of there release

:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: characters of 20

Arguing is not the answer. I’ve been stunned till I’ve lost over and over. There are different levels and breeds and maybe it was a tough bot. Duplicates I have delt with to .your like got him woot then another pops up lol not cool . Read the rules and let’s make it fun and let’s not argue. I’m sure if it’s a serious issue Ludia will take care of it .


I hope no one that post or replies to my Topic is here to argue if any are step on!!! I am looking for honest input and solutions to the obvious flaws. Now whether or not you or anyone else disagree I welcome that too…it helps to give Ludia more ways to look at resolving what we all feel needs to change… I encourage replies and accept all…thank you all for your honest inputs :blush:

Oops I just realized I wasn’t on my own topic which is related to this as well…anyone who wants to share your thought on there too please visit

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I noticed this too! at 2200 trophies, I watched an opponent stun every single 10% stun move, and get two or three criticals with a 5% crit chance dino. It’s so extremely statistically unlikely, I reckon there’s some math errors or external factors going on too…


In Germany Angela is a female name. The only country I know of where female names are used for male persons is France.


When OP asked you to learn to read he meant this thread. It was already discussed that he was probably matched up against a bot which explains the high number of stuns that land. The thread had not been very long by that point so a tiny bit of reading on your part would have saved you from trying to start a pointless argument.

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I’ve lost so many times because I couldn’t move from being stunned killed my T. Rex my velocitraptor my Triceratops and I didn’t get but maybe 1 single hit