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Ludia, you create tension and drama in alliances


I don’t think you realise this but you create so much tension between members in many alliances! Why? Because you made changes that will make completing alliance missions extremely difficult. Many alliance leaders already had to force members to trade easy to get rare DNA in order to complete all missions so they would receive rank 4/5 incubators. This is going to ruin the game very soon unless you do something.

Your new weekly schedule is terrible. New chests of coins are nice but limiting number of strikes or dinos will make daily missions even more challenging. Also, I really can’t understand why you left 2 days with absolutely nothing.


Totally agree. It‘s nice if the alliance put their work together for alliance missions but forcing the members to request useless DNA for the mission is just…yeah u know. :slight_smile:
Liked it way more before. Wasn‘t easy, but doable and made a lot more fun. And also, there was less pressure in the alliance or concurrency between the members.

What they did with weekly events also disappointed me. But I already said it in the other thread.

Wish they‘d just jump back and do it the way they did before the change. It was fine, but noooo Ludia thinks if they make it worse it‘ll fill their wallets. Smart, very smart. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


My alliance- Michigan Monsters- just had a discussion about how much we dislike the new “reworked events.”

Imagine getting that rare requirement for incubator 5 this week with the rare event dinos on Monday and Tuesday.

Please, go back to the way it was.


Obviously NO ONE liked the changes, but I don’t think Ludia is creating tension in the alliances because of that. Players are the ones doing that, and it’s totally unnecessary.


Well, everything was fine in alliances until they implemented those changes. People got super anxious and worried their alliance won’t complete all missions so they had to find a way to do it. 450K requirement of rare DNA is just crazy idea with fewer strikes and weird schedule. :slight_smile:


I fear that rare one.

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Very confused by this post.


unfortunately its harder for small alliances. my alliance finishes those with ease.


How come? Maybe your alliance hasn’t been affected by all recent changes and you still managed to collect 450K rare DNA but in many alliances it was a huge problem. I have seen people from the same alliance arguing here so nothing good will come out from it.


Yeah I must say I have been kicking a lot more casual players in my clan than normal since changes. With all the effects of the new event cycle(less coin, less strike battles, less DNA in short) it’s like do I want a player that logs on 1 time a week and always requesting uber rare DNA and does nothing or do I want someone that plays every day that not only requests uber rare DNA but also donates and also contributes in missions.


If it makes you feel any better, we’re working on the last rank and the requirements are just common DNA and DNA in general. Not rare.


I guess the missions aren’t meant for all alliances to reach lv 5. Sure, the defense is difficult to reach max level, but nobody cares about the counter attackers’ DNA so that’s fine. And the designs of the missions are okay, smaller alliances can easily reach level 3 exploration.


Add in that we shouldn’t be allowed to battle against fellow Alliance members during a tournament. You want a sure fire way to piss someone off, then make them lose and drop 50 slots. Kind of goes against the team building concept for your Alliance.

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Fill their wallet? Lol lol…don’t think so…If anyone’s smart enough to NOT buy overpriced incus in the first place and especially now, things might change…I won’t drop one dime on this “game”


Just wondering if anyone else has noticed any glitches in their alliance missions, example… not getting credited for shooting or DNA? our group has never had a problem collecting DNA but always slow on darts and direct hits… this go round we are very slow on the DNA side but doing great in the direct hits and darts… I don’t want to jump to a glitch if it’s the group… but it’s never happened before… any thoughts?

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We have the rare dna alliance mission, working on now, had it last week too.


YAYY AC !!! Yayyy