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Ludia, you disappointed me

So many games of this style make this mistake. So far, this is a major letdown, and slowly becoming a stain on the IP. Ludia needs to do some massive balancing, because what was promising has proven to be a Cash Grab on those die-hard fans of Dungeons & Dragons.

Want those iconic characters? Either wait months to level up, failing levels on purpose to farm gold, and get them naturally, albeit stressfully, or pay 9.99/month for a massive boost in progression. If you had a way to farm gold that wasn’t limited to every few hours, where you still only just barely scrape up enough, I wouldn’t mind the subscription.

That’s not the case, though. Either you wait and login every few hours to scrape up enough gold (Don’t bother with the Arena, not worth it, massively unbalanced.), Or you pay actual money to make any progress. All loot is based on RNG, minus bosses, so even a third chapter chest can pay out with only 38 gold, and a bunch of useless mats that you’re clearly past.

This isn’t just a rant though. I have suggestions, and they’re quite simple:

  1. Change your focus. Yes, we love to show off and boost our ego with PVP, but that shouldn’t be your main focus. Focus on story. Add a few more lines for the narrator, a way to farm gold that’s not nearly as limited, and, perhaps, a place to sell your extra mats. You have that banner that shows three at a time? Improve it, make it a tab where people don’t have to wait and pop in just to find out that they can’t sell the mats they have. This is Dungeons & Dragons, the origin of role-play. The story is what people crave from this IP. If you balance the gold issues, people will, without a doubt, be more likely to pay for something that doesn’t seem like a requirement. Pay Walls are never good if you make a free to play game, they just ruin the balancing due to economic differences.

  2. Loot Balancing. Simply enough, it’s horrible right now. The gold you gain is entirely RNG, Unless you’re a Subscriber. This provides a poor image of your intent, and can create negative backlash, which it is. I don’t believe that this was necessary, as it happens a lot in start-ups.


Someone buy this man a pitcher of the finest Mead


I want this game to succeed, because a Mobile D&D game like this needs to happen. It’s something that the IP deserves. However, this isn’t what fans deserve.


Very well written. #BUMP


I agree, loot and PvP points are so unbalanced, and the random character on PvP forces the player to get more gold to improve all the characters…:roll_eyes: