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Ludia - You Have Ruined This Forum!

What the heck Ludia - You’re trying to get matchmaking fixed and now you’re redoing boost?! It is ridiculous that 5 of the 6 PvP matches that I played today were actually balanced. The Next thing you know you’ll be nerfing the rat!

What the heck are we supposed to complain about if you start addressing all of our concerns??? I mean, the only place I will have left to complain in is political forums!

If you want to keep your base engaged you need to give us some things to complain about, Or not, I’ll bet we can find something :wink:

So yeah, good work on the changes I guess. Okay, off to rant about Spider-Man coming back to the MCU now…


Dude, you have it all wrong. If they listen to our advice, that’s a good thing. I repeat: GOOD THING. Look, unless Ludia goes against everyone in the forum by doing the exact thing we don’t want, there is no cause for concern.

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It was an attempt at sarcasm… note how I mentioned matches were balanced?

For the first time they have listened to us, and it is good.



10 characters



and characters…

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Not to worry, there are still plenty of things completely broken that every single forum member needs to address in his own topic!

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I think he’s just joking.

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It’s kinda obvious :wink:


Hahaha - you had me there for a minute :+1:


Ludia actually listen us quite alot. It just takes them very long time to fix these problems.

Thanks :slight_smile: thought my sense of humor had gone downhill. Okay, it has, but still…

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Well, maybe, but many issues have been around for a year and are still not fixed. In any event, they seem to be making some changes and I am happy with that.

YES! That will keep us going - starting 17 more threads now!!! Starting with why doesn’t Majundasuchus have a super unique hybrid dinocorn?

That is because they arent capable to fix those problems :smiley: they propably would if they could.

Well, there’s always that thing when you finish a tournament a couple hundred points below 1st place, then remember you lost 5 battles to speed ties in the last hour alone, attack buttons disappeared twice and you’ve lost 40 points instead of 20 to the guy in 1st because Ludia can’t get a linear formula right.

Plenty of things to complain about.


Yeah they do. Apex Predators is first in the alphabet over GamePress, so you lose to that sorting algorithm!