Ludia you literally

So guess what I did that right since I can get win I decided to get the instantaxima myself now I want you all to observe this
image image
See that’s me unlocking it, see that now that is in my team

image image image

Ludia can’t even make your deck work right like come on are you guys that incompetent like the amount of screw you ive gotten has not only been that but I’ve played 24 battles so far and got “maxima” only twice

This also happened to me. Maybe restarting the game could fix it.

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Yes, that should do the trick. This has been happening to a bunch of players, myself included, for a while now.


had it happen to me a few times. restart game, verify team.

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I feel like with every single update they just try to actually break the game more

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Maxima get kicked of your deck because its OP,ludia seem to have “fix” the problem

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Lol well I found this so no quite

Although let’s jus say I was very lucky
image image