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Ludia you missed a great opportunity

I was actually quite happy to see an affordable pack in the store earlier this week. The bundle with the darts, sanctuary items, and rare scent was worth it in my opinion. I am kinda saddened that this pack was a 1 time buy. You could have even put up more affordable packs like this throughout the week. I believe you guys missed a golden opportunity to tap into the base that does not want to spend $50 or $100 for an incubator. I know scents and darts can be purchased with hard cash. But if you would like my money, please consider more smaller packs like this in the future.


There is nothing worth in shop…boosts destroyed the game…save your money


Thread closed. No More to bé added.

Hey Odinsviper, thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

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If they keep giving us affordable packs that are definitely worth the price, they might even change the view of people who see Ludia as a money-hungry cooperation. Just saying.


This one might even have been them testing the market. If it did well, it would be just plain daft for them not to come up with more reasonably-priced microtransactions.

Hopefully its in the long-term interest of the game, and not a desperate last resort.


That trainer bundle was an amazing deal. Only wish we could buy more of them as well as a storage increase for sanc items.
Untill i use all my extras, i can’t collect anymore and they just go to waste.


I believe it’s a market test, if you notice they offered one at a slightly higher price point within a day or two.

It is nice to see them realize they have been ignoring a large market, it will be nicer if that realization bears fruit.

I would hate to see this game fail, and I don’t want it to be heavily weighted toward pay to win.

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I didn’t see one for a higher price point. maybe i missed it.
But hey, if the test goes well, we may start getting these lower priced deals. Would be a way for them to recoup some revenue over a larger variety of players.

Wasn’t the same bundle, and wasn’t worth it IMHO. Just an incubator for $4.99

If Ludia wants Microtransactions to sell, they need to make them Micro!

I’m sorry but $170 for an incubator is just stupidity.


I bought the trainer bundle. A decent price for what it offered. If that was perhaps limited to once a week it would be great!


While I no longer spend any money on this game because I think I spent way too much on it last winter, I like the idea of true MICROtransactions like the $1.99 deal. That’s better than some of what I’ve seen in PoGo’s shop, and if they would offer more of those and less whale food I think this game could rise quite a bit in the Top Grossing apps

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Also let us buy those small item packs with cash please, for those of us who don’t spend money on the game


I for one am far more likely to spend small amounts many times than make a few larger purchases that add up to the same number.


Same. I can justify spending when it’s a fair price and small transactions like this, depending what they are, would illicit me spending my extra spare ££

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Totally agree with this and have been saying more or less the same thing since i started playing this game at the beginning.

There are LOTS AND LOTS of additions they could sell under the micro transaction banner, for example:

  • Buy a bigger dart slot - increase your dart capacity by 10 or 20
  • Buy scents localized on specific dinos
  • Buy additional incubator slots - temporary or otherwise.
  • Buy dart boosters - darts temporarily pull in x2 dna on darted creatures
  • Buy extended battery for darting - operational for x mins
  • Buy extended darting range - operational for x mins

Although these are mainly time limited ie once purchased and activated, they only operate xx minutes, it may also encourage some users to go full VIP.

So kind of a win win, we win by having extra features and giving the game a little more depth and something to spend our HC on (as i certainly wont be buying any boosts anymore owing to the ridiculous pricing) and Ludia win by having their in game economy flourish and the chance people will like the temporarily boosted features and want to go full time with it by purchasing vip …

Anyway, just my 2cents…


Completely agree. THE first package that is minimally worth buying in many, many months … and only let you buy it once. In fact, it has been my only purchase since spring and perhaps I would have bought some more for a very simple reason: I like to hunt dinosaurs and currently there is practically nothing to hunt. Well, looked at the positive side, less euros spent.