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Ludia you need to fix this

I have been 1 quarter away from lvl 54 so I got a load of decorations and went straight to lvl 54 but when I was one quarter from lvl 54 I had a mission but it would take too long so now I am now on lvl 54 instead of level 53 the misssin will not be completedimage

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There’s nothing to fix. Your Story Missions are largely independent of your Park Level. The exception to this is that you must be high enough level in order to unlock certain things (Battle Stages, specific decorations or creatures). So, never fear, you will have as long as you need to collect your coins.


Whenever I collect from the communication station it doesn’t register on the mission

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You need to collect those coins from a communication station which has and recieves bonus (in this case 15% or higher) from decorations in its vicinity.


Ohhhhh thx you