Ludia : You need to rework your (broken) speed system

You select Rock Paper Scissors from three static graphics that appear. Upon making your selection the game then waits for the opponent to do the same, resulting in a quick graphic showing the choices, if it is a tie, the pattern repeats until the winner gets priority.

This could be implemented easily imo.

Seeing how they struggle to get a correct display for speed indicator I wouldn’t be that confident about this. They didn’t even correct a basic overworld display (dinos stuck in towers) that’s why I try for the lowest effort action.

Designing new ui with rules to add would be probably harder than adding a new rules in a battle turn.

But I would be fine with this too. A simple rule guideline to make a working system is :

  • it needs to be fair among the competitors
  • it needs to not be based on an unfair system such as network connectivity or device speed
  • it shouldn’t be related to any speed action since the game is turn based. The tie breaker should take the game design in account instead of going in the wrong direction

They try to create a competitive game but they let cheaters in the leaderboard and a broken tie system that determines a lot of outcome. It’s by no mean truly competitive then. (I don’t even talk about the so broken trophy system :joy:)

Good job Ludia :trophy:

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Still no answer on this, no words. If I need to complain about it every single day well I’m going to do it.

It’s so broken. There are already skill less moves but here it’s the cherry on the top. Here you can’t hope that rng is going to your side because there is no RNG. On the contrary there are defined rules where you lose to certains persons 95% of the time.

For my last 20 speed ties I lost 18 of them. Yes 18. And the top example is dilora mirrors. Everytime you lose the mirror you almost lose the game. You are one Dino behind, with an opposing dino with plenty of life left that can now rampage and run or distract.

This is a concern about a core mechanic, not about a random nerf or buff. This affect every player at one point, be it in friendlies or in arena games.
I’m not tagging but this time I see that contacting support does not work. @J.C is this issue brought to the attention of the team? I’m going to post about it everywhere started now. Enough of this bad design.


I like the health comparison idea.

Other things they could compare;
Dinosaurs current collected DNA (if this was compared other checks would rarely be needed).
Player level.
Player total XP.
Overall speed of the team (whole team or only remaining team).
Overall level of the team (whole team or only remaining team).

I’m not sure giving top players a straight advantage would please the community :sweat_smile:

I’m convinced now about no advantages should be given. Same dinos, exactly same actions if they start at the same time. Both players have worked hard for their dinos to be at that level (OK if we are talking about L5 hunters their dinos should be inferior :ok_hand:) so there is no reason to tolerate a gap between them. Rng can later on decide that one makes a crit or a stun and not the other as normal game mechanic but a game breaker speed advantage at the first second of the match? No way.

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Proposed this in October :rofl:

Sadly, noone on Ludia’s side cared and it doesn’t look like that’s changed =(


Totally agree. This would be absolutely fair. If dinos are at the same speed, level, rank, they should make move at the same time. This require some coding, but it would be the best solution of speed ties.


This is something that desperately needs to be addressed. One of the most unfair aspects to battles. If there is a continuous mirror match the fastest person will always win. Zero strategy. I do like the idea of both moves happening at the same time. That will add strategy to each move. This definitely needs to be addressed asap

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@Idgt902 @tenterro @Myp thanks.

Too bad only Ludia doesnt see this as an issue but I guess they just don’t play their game :thinking:


Im pretty sure the only person at ludia that plays the game is @Ned… but this system is almost like home court advantage for ludia… i dont think anyone could win a speed tie with someone inside ludia hq.


Yes… they play tested 2 seconds, from their work. They didn’t see anything wrong and call it a day.

Yeah, the same way they tested the “boosted” supply drops event that ended up being nerfed supply drops for non-VIPs for the full month.

I ran a few tests with speed ties recently and found out that someone almost always has the advantage. I did friend battles with my phone and my girlfriend’s phone side by side and noticed that one player’s buttons appear a split second before the other player’s almost every time. Not always the same player either. You might say that a split second doesn’t mean anything, but it definitely does when you’re both tapping the screen before the buttons appear. Speed ties are not fair for this exact reason. It’s like when I played Halo 2 and host always had the advantage. There’s nothing you can do about it when it happens.


What if at the start of every match there’s a dice roll? (I know it’s RNG) and the winner of the roll gets to go first in case of speed tie. But in the next attack is the opponent’s turn to go first and so on.
Sound like a good idea?

I’d suggested this very thing a while back. Sure, RNG determines the first but it’s evened out over the course of the battle. Would be esp useful in the mirror match situation.

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The problem with this is it will make some match-up a straight up lose. For example diloracheirus mirror.
You know your opponent get first you already won. You do ss whatever he did first and go for the kill on second turn. It’s even worse than what happen now because I can still win 25% of mirrors when I know my opponent is going to be faster. But with the fixed turn its just a 0% win for the starting player.

The switch is not applicable to a lot of match-up because every attack doesn’t have the same impact. It’s particularly true for every mirror involving two shots kills and distracting attacks.

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Good point. What if (and this is just thinking out loud) but if you have two dinos w/a speed tie, then for as long as they are both alive and not swapped, slowing/speeding moves have no effect? Dilo A could do distracting, knowing Dilo B would be first next turn, even if Dilo B used SS in round 1.

I’m sure this probably breaks down in other scenarios, just throwing it out there.

On the other hand, this kinda prevents L5 players to beat the players in the US and Canada … lol

And when you’re not in US or L5 you’re just screwed :cry:

I agree. Fighting @Idgt902 is the worst :wink:

But seriously, the speed system is broken. Tapping on my phone screen frantically is the reason I left pogo.

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