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Ludia : You need to rework your (broken) speed system

There are few rules to know which dino is the fastest during a battle. As a reminder, you can check them here : Graphic for priority rules

The rules are plenty self explanatory until we check the last one. Fastest to input. Fastest to input ? What does that even mean ? You can think of it in two ways :

  • The first player to press the button
  • The first action to be registered on Ludia server

Do you see the problem ? There are so many flaws with either of these possibilities…

First case : first to press
That means that press time is registered on your phone. The first obvious problem is better phone is obviously quicker to render buttons so fairness broken. Another huge flaw is that you could hack the client then to always be the fastest with the lowest possible input time. Again fairness broken.

Second case : first action registered
In this case you have the same problem than before since with a faster phone you will send your action faster…but there’s even another problem : latency will play its role meaning the further you are from Ludia’s server the more likely your action will be register in second…

This is a huge design flaw. To me it looks like exactly like old program in 70s where the developers believed it was a genius idea to base computer cycle on processor speed. It works fine if everyone have the same processor. But once someone get a better processor, the game becomes broken. A rookie mistake but forgivable since it was the early development…
But we’re not in the 70s anymore. If you want to make battles a fair environnement you need to deal with this.

Is it really a problem ?
It’s a problem you will encounter at a moment. Since the dinosaurs are capped to 30, we will eventually see a lot of battle with the same level same dino. And acting first is an incredible advantage in this game, especially now that Superiority Strike can’t remove slow anymore. You can already see it during friendly battles.

How does it translate in real game ?
I have one mate I enjoy to battle with in my alliance. We use to have great battles and close matches that we are really enjoying. Hey :hugs:
But this little game mechanic make some matchups really really bad. I don’t know if it’s just because he’s closer than Ludia server than me, but on the last 20 (yes twenty) head to head with same dino at same level, I acted first ONCE. Yes once out of 20. When you are at the last dino, and only the quickest is going to win that’s crazy. There are a lot of matchups that are determined by who is the fastest. That’s an unfair advantage.
I probably have the same against some players with lower ends phones than mine. Why anyone should be advantaged by something not related with the game ? At this point just give the players who have the most XP the first turn or name with alphabetical order…

It’s broken ok. But how should it be handled ?
The reason it’s broken is that it’s not distributed fairly among the players. Some are gaining a huge unfair advantage by being always picked first.
My solution would be to pick it randomly. RNG isn’t that bad especially in this case. RNG is not oriented toward a player. It’s fair in the sense that no one can alter the probability. Both players press the button and the server pick one of them as the fastest. Bye the unwinnable matchups. You have now equal chance to be the fastest (given same speed, same level same rarity as explained in the graphic shared above).

Of course you can still have some bad lucks series like 4 times in a row where you are acting in second. But honestly, I’d rather have 6 times in a row acting second but with knowing that I could be the first next time rather than being the second one no matter what twenty times…

Thanks for reading.


This I agree with 100%. I hate to say that the guy he is talking about is me lol. But it is true. I usually beat everyone in a speed tie. It is unfair. Sometimes I feel bad and will try to hold back. But the competitive person in me pushes anyway. This is a problem now. And will be a huge problem as everyone approaches 30. Usually the last Dino is the faster/fastest dino and the speed tie can determine the match


I’ve been saying this for ages but the anti-RNG players tend to shout it down.


wait, you mean you DONT pay for super VIP for the win-speed-ties feature?! Dang it! You lied to me idgt. :smiley:


Lol. I know it’s bad. But I honestly don’t want ppl to think I have an advantage. I would rather let the game decide. So if they have a way to fix it. Let it be done


you must hate cod games lol.


You cant, CANT make it random. People will lose the speed tie 3 times in a row then we have 100 new posts about it. They gave it a multi-factor answer, there has to be a last thing that matters even if it isnt perfect

Of course you can. Just make it visual like a dice roll. That’s it.
But yeah if you prefer to lose everytime against the same opponent that’s cool I guess :thinking:


might aswell do rock paper scissors shoot

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Last time I checked cod games weren’t turn based games but maybe something changed :thinking:

Why not. Like I said, I don’t care how to handle it, just make it in a way that can ensure fairness among players. That’s the whole point.

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I still love battling you :hugs:


no but their come around the corner logic was horrid lol. latency/connection came into play all the time. id get accused of lag killing frequently.

Or… I could just not be the person losing over and over to the same person and therefore not worried about it the Way You Are

i could see it being a problem in pvp though. plus quakeur is top 50ish so im sure he sees alot of same level matches.


It would seem this is a problem for the top tier players with everyone at level 30. In the mid tiers I have only come into this scenario a few times in the many months I have been playing. And then it was most likely 20 Indom to 20 Indom or 20 VRaptors. Most other Dino’s the chances of both players putting out the same Dino at the same level are pretty small.

In these matches it is usually decided by the person swapping in, as they KNOW they are putting in the same Dino at the same level so get the advantage of spamming until they get it first. I am fine with that as I might have the chance to do it also, so even steven.

PS: I did not think of friendly battles where all are the same level. Yes, that would need to be corrected then. In regular battles it has not been an issue for me.

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RNG is fine. The alternative is just RNG that makes folks feel better but wastes time. I agree this is an issue I would like to see addressed.


I agree it would add time to every match


Yep. So I’m OK with a roll of the dice and let’s carry on. At least then the dice get rolled and it’s not just a better connection thing.


how about they randomly put you on a home or visitor side(team)… name it whatever for example: team carnage(home) vs team rampage(visitors) and home always goes first? @quakeur @Idgt902 @JHVS


Yean i agree im way more ok with losing a dice roll done in a game then by a factor not in the game… even if it means I lose a few more matches since I normally win the speed tie in the current system.

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