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They should not change the slowdown for vulnerability and if they were to make that change they should not lower the resistance to vulnerability of creatures that were already resistant or immune, especially the ferocious ones that are supposed to crush the resistant, if the problem was that the Resilient creatures had access to retarding behaviors they should have thought: What makes the resistant class dominant on the battlefield? slowing down, which class must be higher than resistant? Well the fierce. Let’s take a look at the fierce class and see where it fails to outperform the tough? They have very few members immune to retardation. So what they should have done to make the class system and goal the way it should be is give the ferocious creatures immunity to slowdown and thus the idea that the cunning class works well against the ferocious class and that the fierce class have the upper hand over the tough class and let the tough class crush the cunning.
Moving on to another topic Ludia says in the patch notes that: with that change resistant creatures are a contrast to cunning creatures and represent a threat to ferocious creatures. But what? as they pose a threat to ferocious creatures? The ferocious creatures are supposed to have advantages against the resistant ones and these should not be a threat to the fierce ones and surely people will come who try to kill me because ludia had us used to the fact that there are almost no ferocious immune to the reduction of speed

By the way, now with the lowering of resistance to vulnerability we are left with the goal and class system the same or worse than before

It’s not the problem of decel.the issue lies in top resilients outdamaging their opponents and with new changes top resilients have the potential to become 1v1 powerhouses and they can enhance swap in damage too…it’s just makes me lvl up toven or put refrenantem on my team :moyai:

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