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Ludia, your Alliance Mission Reward Rollback is a Disgrace

"The Alliance Mission Reward based on your player level is being pushed to Update 1.11. This will include other new Alliance improvements, such as more diversity per incubator and an increase in the number of ranks to make the experience more enjoyable for all Alliances.

In light of this change, please note that we are going to reset the current Alliance mission week and starting a new one shortly."

So you pulled that number on us, but then you ALSO deleted our incubators from LAST week.

You don’t know how to balance your missions, that goes without saying (not withstanding your “we want players to have a challenge”, there is NO reason Rare DNA should be easily over twice as difficult as Common and Epic). That said, for many alliances it is a key part of their strategy to hold onto their weekly incubator rewards until later in the week when they reach Rank 4 so they can get a necessary boost to that rank’s production.

So by making this UNNECESSARY move, not only do you delete our rewards from hard work from last week, but ALSO gimp us THIS week, because your assuredly well-intentioned but don’t-know-how-to-balance developers thought that tinkering around with something that didn’t need to be tinkered needed to happen.

How about instead of developing solutions in search of a problem, you give us what we actually ask for, which are alliance tools to better manage our teams to success. We’ve been asking for them with varying degrees of passion for a full YEAR now, to no avail. How about instead of going back and mucking around with Boosts for the umpteenth time you finally give us a “last online” option, among other things well-articulated in myriad threads by players of varying degrees of depth. Geez! At the end of the day it’s the sense of community that we have with each other that will keep your game afloat, not nickel & diming us to keep our teams in battle relevancy.

You ignore this at your peril.

Just seen this after sending Ludia a question on why the hell my alliance that was almost at rank 3/2 for the week was back down to 0/0.

It also shows the dna rewards based on player rank which goes against what you have put above so clearly they have messed that up aswell!