Ludia, your matchup algorithm is all messed up!

My team consists of levels 22 thru 20, 3 Uniques, the rest Legendaries, with 6 on the team boosted only to level 4s, the other two not boosted.

I fought 3 teams in a row of Dino’s all at level 26 - 27 and all boosted - many even more than mine - levels 5 - 6.

With your new algorithm that you have explained will make things more level, how does this happen Ludia? How has this been recurrently happening since your new and improved, leveled, matchup dynamics?

I have given up on fighting with trophies and progression in the rankings in mind and have had to concentrate on and gear towards simply fighting for incubators.

Does anyone out there have any advice or tips for gearing towards incubator grinding, not trophies at all in mind? For instance, would putting in Epics and moving down levels help the incubator situation toward getting higher percentages of Epic/Rare incubators, etc?




Do you have any dinosaurs that are like really high compared to the other team members? Like once I leveled my Noodle Nodopatotitan from 26 to 27 my opponent levels got much higher, despite having at the time 4 level 21s

There is none I believe.

You’ll keep losing battles and move down the arenas. But, you’ll still be matched against teams which are 1k - 1.3k higher than yours.

There is no reason that they can give to justify what they’ve done. I have a second account that is in the ruins and yesterday I went against someone and slaughtered their beasts like a hot knife through butter. I was excited I finally had my way with someone. I looked them up and they are/ were ranked 194th at the time. You have got to be kidding me. I’m not even on the board and the highest I can get is just over 4000 and get knocked back down 500 each time that happens, yet I walk right through someone ranked a lot higher than me. Please please release 1.8 so many of us can decide what to do with this mess.


Remy: am I a joke to u

Like I said, mine are really close to each other - levels 22 thru 20. Their explanation doesn’t hold water in that none are way higher than others. Thanks though.


I sit around 4600 and i consistently fight people who are in the top 200. So I sure hope it’s going to be fixed sooner rather than later.


And those teams (they have lower level dinos than I do at 4,800) maintain their ranks because they get matched with much lower trophy teams… how does that make any sense? Those on the LB should be matched with each other to maintain their ranks and not with players hundreds of trophies below them.


Maybe someone can explain to this relative newbie why they made the change. Seems to me the current way does not allow lower level players to move up easily. If I am paired with players of similar trophies, some will have better teams and usually beat me, some worse, and I usually beat them. If I then work and get more DNA and better my team, I should be able to win more, move up, until I hit players again with better teams, where I would need to better mine to get ahead.

Pairing by team you can’t really move up so well. If I better my team, I will get paired against better teams, and spin my wheels, not getting much ahead. That seems to be what is happening to me already, just at only 2600 trophies and kinda just staying there, facing higher level teams way too often to get ahead. So what do I do? Just battle for incubators and forget trying to move up? I don’t ever think I will be a top player, but it would be nice to feel I could climb a bit as my team gets better.


You say you’re relatively new but you nailed it. The current algorithm prevents us from progressing no matter what we do by always getting matched with similar teams. But because trophies no longer count when we win or lose (e.g., you don’t win more when you defeat higher ranked teams) you cannot progress no matter what you do.


I’m not buying the baloney that boosts are considered in matchmaking. I just had a 27 thor boosted like crazy sweep my team and I lost 35 trophies. That loss indicates to me that the algorithm saw MY team as the stronger one when one dino of the other team was faster and way more powerful than anything I had.

Garbage system.


I just battled with this person twice:

They’re nearly 1000 trophies below me. :confused:



One of the reasons is the old trophy only system (which, honestly, worked just fine) allowed people to drop trophies on purpose, then, when they wanted to climb they would put in their high level teams and totally smoke much lower level teams on the way up. The people that owned those lower level teams teams cried to high heaven of the injustice of it all.

Now we all get to enjoy horribleness in the arena.


Even if boosts are considered, they are not calculated as should be.

Main issue with algorithm is that it takes average team strenght. So you can face one or two heavily boosted high lvl dinos and lose or get a smash fest against their low lvl dinos.

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They must have done something secretly on the server side about a week ago because before that I was fighting pretty much even teams but would on occasion get bots.

Now I don’t get bots at all and myself got trounced by someone with a 27 excessively boosted Thor. Then the next battle got someone much lower and won.

I agree it’s messed up. If this is anything, it is proof they opened up the range very wide.


Once they finally fix matchmaking, everyone needs to stop complaining endlessly about it. The reason we have this current system is because of whiners. People constantly whined about wanting to be matched up with similar teams and Ludia took a crack at it. Is it perfect? Definitely not. But sometimes people don’t realize what they’re asking for when they’re ranting about getting whooped. I blame the whiners for this current system. I hope you all learn a lesson from this mess.


But the only way to get results is… more whining. :man_shrugging:

Whining just gets us unnecessary nerfs and badly designed features since they have pressure on them to actually do it. Remember when everyone whined about Monomimus? They sure shut that crowd up, didn’t they?


I want my mono back. He refuses to even join the team now out of embarrassment. Can’t say as I blame him. A crippled Rattata could put it down now with one paw missing.