Ludia's attitude toward players, summarized in one picture. Please caption the picture!

We’ve come across the line, and we’re here for you.
You can’t get the prize?
We’ve looked into the problem, it appears you’ve got a connection issue!

The creature is clearly across the line, yet not within reach, and Ludia says it’s 201m away, while the line is SUPPOSED to be at 200m.

They seem to do everything they can to make it difficult and just out of reach.


Have this happen allll the time.

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Caption “I’m too lazy to move and it’s Ludia’s fault! Arrrgggghhhh”


Yep, this happens all the time. If you’re home or anywhere else with no chances of getting out there will be useful dinos teasing you just on the line.

Its not about being lazy. Its clearly inside the circle.
I have this happen while I’m at work all the time. I’m not risking my job to get a dino because it’s in a restricted area.

Its not as much an issue if I’m home or walking my dogs.

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Looks like about half of it is out of the circle. I mean I know everyone likes to be hard on Ludia but come on guys. It isn’t a Ludia issue at all if you are not close enough.


Good call, although I remember being 151m from an Epic Alankysuarus up some one drive way to thier garage. Behind thier house was a train track blocked off by a 3-4m brick wall. Very annoying

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Tenonto is singing Johnny Cash I Walk the Line :smile:


It’s funny, when I started playing all dinos were just at the 151 m limit so I became VIP. After that all dinos started being at 201 m. It looks like an algorithm would make dinos spawns just at the limit from any recognised activity point. Coincidence? Probably…(not).


I get this all the time too. If it’s on the line it should count.

The rear feet are clearly across the line. The front arms are what appears to be in the back, over the line.
Regardless, the center of the circle is over the line, towards the player.

Looks like some players figure the tail end of the creature is what you measure to.
Let’s look at it this way, if the creature has ten meter long arms, but the tail is eleven meters from you, there’s no way the creature can reach you, is that also your erroneous belief?
Think about that.


Not all of us are mailbox watchers free to move about wherever we wish.
Some have jobs that allow us to play, but we aren’t free to go across town to catch digital creatures.

Theres a tiny circle in the very middle of the dino, and that has to cross the line…

Source of your information? @Baryonyx

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Caption “Har har u can’t catch me!

Have you noticed this as well? Right from the beginning I said that there must be algorithms detecting where you play most often and then either totally move the SDs and spawn points just that little bit out of reach from where you are (So you’ll buy VIP?). Subtle spacing changes occur each patch and event.

I mean if you cannot move 3 feet I cannot help you and neither can Ludia. That is why this thread is silly. I m no mailbox watcher but unless your job is field testing straight jackets I do not get how the three feet is an issue.

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I have noticed that, then the deniers say all spawns are global, meaning we all would get the exact same spawns if we were in the same location. My GPS drifts at work due to the building, one thing I’ve noticed is where I spawn when starting the game, there is nothing, then I tend to drift into another area, and there are plentiful, more desirable spawns in that location. Coincidence? Maybe.

If it’s that far away, and there’s a closer event spawn in my radar fence, I’ll usually ignore the far one, and go for the one that’s closer.

If there’s no available spawn close enough to give me enough darting time, I get my butt out of the chair and go make a run before it despawns.

It doesn’t work all the time, but it gets me some DNA, which is far more preferable than none.

Well that’s a pretty crude approach to take. How do you know their situation? I have dinos pop just outside my circle all the time, my neighbor down the street gets constant good spawns, am I to jump my other neighbors fence and walk through their yard to get it? Walking 3 feet doesn’t make a difference with the distance algorithm because 3 feet doesn’t register. I can be 15 feet from something and have to walk 60 feet into my back yard before it’s catchable. You just assume everyone’s too lazy to go catch it…