Ludia's attitude toward players, summarized in one picture. Please caption the picture!


No I assume it is something that Ludia cannot help you do which is once again why this is the most nonsense ever for a “caption this for typical Ludia” thread.


You need GPS drifting. :grinning:


You’re making this into something it isn’t.
While the fact that the creature’s centerline is in fact over the line, it is still out of reach. I guess that’s too much for you to comprehend.
You took it off course into a “People are lazy and ignorant” kind of thing.
Simply look at the arc behind the line compared to the arc in front of the line, clearly shows the creature is in range.
I think some people just like to argue.


i see the issue here. You only signed up for VIP.

With my SUPER-vip service, I can collect dino DNA when I’m 250 meters away with max battery.


The title of the thread is “Ludia’s attitude towards players summarized in one pic”. No this is obviously too much for you to comprehend. It was the point of the thread, yet again another mindless complaint against Ludia that makes no sense at all and clutters the board. The centerline doesn’t even matter this thing could be spawning on a different continent and either you can go get it or you can’t. The pic and the title sum up 80% of the junk on this board posted daily, “Another thing we cannot be bothered to fix as players so urrggghhh Ludia arrrggghhh conspiricy”


Agreed- is this football and the dino touched the sideline? Instant replay, haha!


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@Jonny5, try wraping your mobile device in aluminum foil and cutting a small portion out of the screen area so you can still see and dart.

Sometimes this will help your location “drift” and sometimes you can catch stuff or spin drops that are just out of your normal range. (Or 100% out of that circle)

Might help, might not.


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I dont have a source, I’ve been playing for awhile, and I have experimented with the games mechanics for a while, and I found that in the middle of the dinosaur model, there’s a tiny circle that marks the middle spot… I found that the middle spot has to be past the circle! And with supply drops, the circle is a little off, its covering it by a very little amount, but I cant open it… in conclusion: I test my theories before coming here! Hope that helps :grinning:


To be fair, the NHL has the same problem determining what is and isn’t a goal…


Here is why. Dino is in the circle only if its ass is across the line, but when you click on the dino, its ass move away from you.


I’ve had dinosaurs that say too far away but are actually inside the required distance. Before Vip there would be some next me that would say 495 feet, and not be catchable, it would say join via, but other that would be catchable at 498 feet. It’s Annoying. That’s the point of the thread. There was no point coming into the thread attacking the poster, it was here so they could see others felt their frustration too.


Try looking again at the picture, then.
What your “experiments” have shown to be true are incorrect.

The part of the circle closest to the player is MUCH bigger than the part of the circle furthest from the player. This would indicate that your imaginary circle that resides on the creature in the center, is indeed in range.

Observation would indicate that the very tail of the creature is where Ludia is measuring from.


The TOC says that it’s based on the creature’s center of gravity. In this case it’s outside the circle.


This is correct. But, while at work, I usually don’t open JWA cause I couldn’t be able to use it + it will be more frustration going on seeing an epic I am not able to hunt.

Same as above. Plus it would be correct to make a real statistic on the number of spawning within range and without range, cause this is statistic. Seeing just bad things, ignoring and taking for granted the good thing is not statistic. :slight_smile:

In my experience, I see a lot of rares/epics inside my range and a lot of rares/epics just outside of my range for 1-5 meters, I just walk with my phone in my house to see if GPS can catch another phone cell with wifi off. It usually works.
Hope this helps.


After looking at the picture for the 5th time, I’m still holding my observation… The VIP line is golden, and therefore they wanted to make it bigger than the normal one, so that big line is technically the same…

Let’s put it this way

There is a level one circle, and a level 2 circle.
The perimeter of the level one circle has a width of 1, while the level 2 circle has a width of 2.
The item inside the width of the level one circle has to be halfway.
The item in the level 2 circles width has to be 2/4 inside of the perimeter.

It’s hard to put this in simple terms, but what I’m saying is that the perimeter of the circle in that picture is too big, and it looks as if the dino is in it.

Look at the picture again, is it in the circle?
Or maybe you have some experimenting to do…
Maybe it’s the angle that the picture is shown at, the dino looks like it would be in the circle, but that’s the front of the body.
But disagree if you want, the dino still isnt in range :confused:.
Maybe he moved just as the pic was taken, and the circle didn’t move yet, and the range just moved out…
Also, they aren’t measuring from the tail…





Different dino models have different bodies, and tenonto has a different one, too making it further away