Ludia's inefficient support service might violate google developer distribution agreement


I know any thread with a link will be hidden and reviewed by admin.
So I leave a screenshot here, just google developer distribution agreement, you’ll see the same article.

Take a look at 4.7 . Yeah, Ludia should reply google in 24 hours, and reply customers in 3 days. But…let’s be honest, support mailbox?

Ludia never answer out report, even though we waited for more than a week.
Consumer disputes never solved, game glitch and bugs don’t fixed in time.
Just endlessly sale more and more time limit offer with overstate ad. I can’t take this anymore.

Open your google play, click “Jurassic World Alive” page, roll down to the end.
Then you’ll find a Flag as inappropriate button.
Tap it and select suitable reason, or choose “other objection” and give your own reason.
Write down comment there, then submit.
(I shall tell them violate developer distribution agreement 4.7, never reply customer.)

Come on, we love this game. But Ludia just ignore us, and always try to grab more money from our pocket.
This game shouldn’t be like that.


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