Ludia's Logic MY FRIENDS!

Miragaia (0% armor) + Dsungaripterus (0% armor) = Dsungaia (15% amor) XD
Brachiosaurus (15% amor) + Ardontosaurus (0% armor) = Ardentismaxima (0% armor)XDXDD, and 20% crit, why oh why? tryko have 30% for the T-REX and ardentis 20% for the brachiosaurus 30% crit? lol …
Utarinex and Thoradolosaur = 0% Armor and their components have 15% armor
Dsungaia trully need that 15% armor? of course not!.. is so stupid, excuse me…
And… finally… DODGE AND EVASIVE STANCE gives you 66% damage reduction and no more the 100% dodge… soooooo unnecessary… Dodge and evasive stance they have literally killed them, because they simply do not rebuild it in the following way: 50% dodge, as before and 50% to be able to receive 70% of the enemy damage, who cares this changes?..the new attacks definite rampage and precise ramnpage can remove it , right? and of course the nullifier attacks… ardentismaxima and quetzorion are killers of the dodgers as erlidominus for their attacks… those monsters were created with the sole purpose of killing dodgers
Magnapyritor an unique hybrid incredibly rare to get, due to the exclusive DNA of the irritator … -600 hp … xd
Pterovexus damage nerf… of course… why not take -10 damage reduction … he does not even have that much, his wounds are incredibly disgusting… Why not have left the swap in evasion and replace swoop by lethal swoop… absurd…no matter how many complaints about the new change pterovexus had, at least it gave him the chance to survive, and obviusly i’m speaking about the swap in evasion the new swap only chained just 1 turn … it was much better than his old wound, the hp buff he received is useless of a lot … why? becouse is still an easy target to cancel with a dinosaur that has a lot of damage like thoradolosaur, that great amount of damage overwhelms it, over ptervexus it does not hurt at all its wounds are absurd the swoop can never use it since when it is used it does not will be exchanged because it has the chain of 2 turns for the swap in swoop
and of course anothers absurds nerfs in the unique hybrids…

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That moment when you realize Miragaia became even stronger because of the slowing shield, it doesn’t even need armor to mess you up, and Dsungaia is probably going to be overlooked because of this. The only reason they gave Mira its slowing shield is because they could not justify the slow-counter of Dsungaia. But then how in the world does Dracoceratops get regen?

I was sad to hear that Ardentismaxima does not inherit at least a little armor from Brachi. Though I hope the extra HP will make it survive chompers somewhat.

And oh yeah, on the Miragaia thing, Purutaurus got its damage nerfed so that Carnotarkus would be put in the spotlight, but Mira somehow just gets buffed to overshadow its hybrid.

I don’t mind Dsungaia having 15% armor, But I agree with everything else. The nerfs were excessive(mainly Magna and dodgers) and the changes to vexus don’t make it very useful. Why the hold back in making other uniques as strong as the meta ones? Ardentis had so much potencial. I hope they reconsider those things.

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