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Ludia's nerf policy: poll

Do you think it ought to change?
Now, obviously Ludia are allowed to buff or nerf their creatures as much as they want, and they have no legal obligation to change things, but I’d argue they have a moral obligation to.

At this point in the game, I’d argue we have more overpowered creatures than ever before. For the first time, we have multiple non-superhybrids in Tyrant, and even an Epic non-superhybrid in between Tyrant and High Apex. We have non-hybrids in Apex. For the first time, we have the High Tyrant tier, essentially showing that those creatures are the most broken in the game’s history, maybe with the exception of Monomimus.

And there will probably be a bunch of nerfs to followup. Now, a lot of experienced players know not to invest in disproportionately overpowered dinos since they’re most likely to be nerfed—Procerathomimus for instance. But obviously, either out of ignorance or indifference, there are a lot of players who have and will likely continue to invest in such dinos.

These are the same players that will come crying to the forums when the nerfs are eventually dished out, and they are the same players that turn hostile when the mere concept of a nerf is brought up in forum discussions (now, not all of them are like that, and not all the people like that invest in overpowered creatures, but you get my point).

But there is an important issue here. Do you think that Ludia should reimburse players in some way—by providing a free, total boost refund for instance—after nerfing their creatures?

  • I do
  • I don’t
  • I don’t care

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But regardless of what you pick, it’s clear that Ludia need to get their act together. They’re recent balancing changes have been atrociously nonsensical, and almost wholly ineffective.


Rather than reimbursment, I’d prefer they just did good balancing decisions, but we can’t have It all


when a creatures stats or moves change from what Ludia made them to something worse, that was Ludia’s decision. The players that invested in those creatures got hit hard and it was in no way their fault. It’s one thing to decide this creature isn’t working out/ you don’t like it anymore and refund half of your boosts. It’s another when Ludia says that this thing is changing even if you didn’t want it to change. This only applies to creatures that have stats and moves changed. This does not apply to indirect nerfs by buffing something else or adding in new mechanics or creatures.

one of my own creatures got hit pretty good with nerf in a previous patch. I’m still kinda upset about it. Tho personally, it wasn’t enough for me to quit using her yet, so the boosts stayed.


Let’s say I have erlidom on my team of all level 30 boosted creatures. The creatures not on my team are about level 25 tops. Erlidom gets nerfed pretty badly to the point where it needs to be replaced. I feel that you lost when you spent all those coin on maxing it up. It’s not cheap. i had to spend 200k coins on my tryko yesterday to get it to 29. If they obliterate tryko, I’m out 200k coins, and that’s how it should be. It should not be “Oh, now I can get only half of the boosts that I used to invest in this creature as well”. You lose coins when it’s level up, and that’s how it should be

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What if you could devolve creatures to get back the DNA and coin used in levelling them? That would help with misclicks as well.
You wouldn’t get XP from evolving them again.


No. That wouldn’t work. Then people could look at mammolania and a moth hybrid with is even more insane than moth and be like “Goodbye lania, hello moth hybrid”. I just feel that boosts should be refunded 100%. Dracocera was an excellent example. The boosts people put into it were lost as soon as 2020 came around

And what’s wrong with that?

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I think it could work if you couldn’t go back from creating the creature. Nor regain the dna spent into fusing for the creature back to the components. It just resets the level and fused dna back to where it was.


Because that’s the whole point of the game: to go out and hunt that DNA. You have to put work into these creatures. If you want more dna, then you have to go out and find it. A dna refund system will pretty much ruin the game


You still have to collect the DNA and have a creature at a high level in order to devolve it. Assuming all creatures are balanced, it’s in your best interests to unlock them all and keep them at level 30 for tournaments. Devolving will only be advantageous in a swapping DNA sense if the game is unbalanced, which it is. Once the game is balanced, it won’t make much of a difference, except to those players with level 21 Ardontosauruses.

As long as there’s a reasonable cooldown on the devolution, I think it would work.

But when you have everything you want at level 30, then the game will become stale and not as fun. I feel that it would ruin the game when it comes to having fun, and when that happens then there is no desire to play it and you stop. This system is probably never going to happen because it’s a bad decision from a business standpoint. Now boosts should be refundable, as they pretty much translate to bucks, and when you want to refund boosts, they’re robbing you of 1000 bucks. that’s like them taking away an epic scent from you

I think everything should be simpler. Ludia should explain to us what her logic is to give power to one creature over another.

I thought when I started playing that ideas were

  1. Greater rarity implies greater power (Utahraptor is better than velociraptor because the first of them is rare and the second is common).

  2. Super hybrid more power than hybrid within the same rarity and hybrid better than non-hybrid (Sarcorixis is better than gorgosuchus and gorgosuchus better than Trex because although the three are epic, the first is super hybrid, the second is hybrid and the third it is not hybrid).

  3. The more difficult it is to get the components, the more power (Trykosauro is more powerful than Tenontorex although both are unique, because the first one is made up of three epics, some of them difficult to get and the second one is made up of two rares and one common). Within the same component rarity, whoever has exclusive creatures is a little better (Geminititan better than Tryko because Diplodocus is event exclusive)

For a time the rules were followed and when there was an “error” in these rules, as in the case of monomimus, Ludia solved it soon. All the players knew when we should or shouldn’t evolve a creature but then the madness came with the rat and then with Yoshi and Indo2 and now I, at least, don’t know what the rules are anymore and I don’t know when I should evolve or not a creature.

The best comparison is Yoshi Vs Testacornibus

  1. Yoshi is Epic, testacornibus unique.
  2. Yoshi is hybrid, Testacornibus is Super hybrid
  3. Yoshi is made up of two rares. One of them, the biggest plague in the game. The other an incubator exclusive given away by the ton. In addition, Yoshi being epic can be hunted and can appear in tower and incubator events. Testacornibus is made up of two of the most difficult epics to catch (turtle and deer) and an exclusive rare event that does not therefore appear in incubators.

… Yoshi should be “almost trash” and Testacornibus one of the best creatures in the game … but Ludia decided that Yoshi was a beast even better than Testacornibus and has kept it version after version.

It is very difficult to play a game without rules.


Isn’t that the ultimate goal though?

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Yes, but, let me ask you this: when you complete a game like Super Mario and have been playing it for days getting to the final level and completing everything, do you have much desire to play again it once you beat the final level? The goal of the game is to work towards new creatures and if you can get it maxed with the dna refund system, where is the desire to play again after playing around with this new creature for a bit

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From there the next step is max boosting everything. If you can max something via DNA refund, I’d argue that you’re already in the endgame and you’re probably already losing interest in the game.
Besides, if there was a cooldown on devolution, there’s incentive to keep your original creatures’ levels for tournaments. It would still have to be a calculated decision.

You work for creatures, and just refunding dna is literally the same work plus a couple button presses. If there was a cooldown, then the end result is the same, except longer.
When it comes to boosts, that is something you buy with bucks. When you have to refund them, that’s like saying “you invested 2000 bucks, here’s 1000”. There is little grind with boosts whereas creatures are the real grind

Hold on a second, we’ve gone completely off track, lol.
I thought something was off.

You see, devolution is the opposite of evolution, i.e., the opposite of levelling. It is not the opposite of fusing DNA.

Could you explain more

So if you had a level 21 Ardontosaurus, you could devolve it to level 20, and get back the Ardontosaurus DNA and coin required to level it. You would not get Argentinosaurus or Secodontosaurus DNA.