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Ludia's nerf policy: poll

Oh ok. But still, if you did that, then there is no benefit to the players who, let’s say, kept their phorasaura at level 20 rather than level 25. I still think that the system is fine as is. The boost refund system needs to be no less than 90%

On the other hand, if you had a level 30 Argentinosaurus, you would get back DNA to level your Ardontosaurus.

True. But that helps when a creature you’ve invested in suddenly gets a hybrid. Not everyone knows how the superhybrid system works, after all.

But then that takes the risk out of it. Do I wait for the hybrid or do I go for it? Makes the game less linear

That’s true. I suppose that makes the anticipation less exciting.

it could just be an insurance thing. accidentally level up a creature then immediately undo it. After so much time has passed you cant undo the action. could work that way instead.


It once did… until they said hell to that lets make some broken hybrid! Rember when they said tanks couldn’t have armor piercing since it would be game breaking. You know the whole reason every Nodopatosaurs hybrid go there armor piercing away even to the rare nodosaurus. Remember when they said both monometra and dracocer would be very bad to meh cause there ingredients were commons. Remember when epic hybrids and legendary were good but not great as they were stepping stones to get even mor powerful legendary super or unique super hybrids. Remember when balance and logic were actually used in creating new dinos. Rember when any negative effect would work unless you were fully immune and even then the fully immunes were weaker stats wise since nothing could be done about them beside do as much brute force to them as possible.

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I agree with both of you on that. Like @xescot said, we need rules. Like they did back in that update where they took away AP from tanks. Exceptions need to be very well justified, and they need to sound like they know exactly what they’re doing with each new creature.


looks at Maxima, gemini, lania, and therium. :woman_shrugging:


The rules of the past are arbitrary. For the most part, creatures in the game, even the ones that don’t adhere to restrictions set a year ago, are balanced. The issue is people keep looking it with a close minded perspective and not seeing the nuances of battle and creature kit/role variety.

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@bobbymcfeen ahem.

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Like I said

The issue is people keep looking it with a close minded perspective and not seeing the nuances of battle and creature kit/role variety.

Nuances count as justification, do they not? Or are they so nuanced that they cannot be explained?

For the most part, yes they can be explained.

The problem isn’t variety its making something too good with abilities that dont make sense on it cause a new meta or it just overtaking everything,

Stegodeous is one of the best example this thing was king: lots of health, very good attack, could cleanse any negative effect and could go thru amor. Meaning anything you put it up against i would probably win. The problem was that stego made EVERY OTHER tank obsolete why work towards anyktron, tragod, nodopatotitan, monostego, or Gigaspikasaur when it does the job better than all of them and beats them 1v1. So ludia said hey thats not okay we need to fix this so they said no tank can have armor piercing since that would instant meaning that one tank had the edge over every other. That should be left for chompers and bleeders to do. And so we now hav balanced stegogod.

Same wise for monomimus it countered everything, even immune croakers like indo and indoms. So ludia once more went okay maybe this glass cannon is too good so they brought down to the normal levels for every legendary hybrid but then they kept going to far in nerfing it even though by the first nerf it was completely fine.

Whether the rules are arbitrary or not, having a basic framework to work off of makes sense. Exceptions will
almost always always make for more fun gameplay, but if you can understand the situations in which the rules can be circumvented, I’d argue you’re competent at balancing.
To have the meaningful exceptions you must first have rules and reasons for why certain builds usually don’t work. Otherwise every creature is just blindly trying things out to see what sticks. And currently, that system is not working for Ludia at all.


I would love to refund levels for dna and coin. That would be awesome since there is no “Are you sure about this” button afterwards. Instead it just upgrades it and there is no way to undo it and it is very easy to accidentally do it because it is the first things that shows up after you click on a creature.

And i can tell you exactly when ludia started to just say to heck with the rules and that was 1.5, with the introduction of this…
Once they dip there toe into the absolutely obscured pool they never came out

1.6 added swap in DSR to draco: also addition of prorat although at this point it was still balanced.

1.7 remebr that rule about not defense shattering on tanks…ya go thrown out the window it ardontosaurus; Geminititan was also added in this patch yet it was still in its hibernation state.

1.8 saw the introduction of maxima yet it wasn’t as bad as it is now but the power creep has started to show.

1.9: the start of todays immune and op power level meta… immunities were given out with basically no cost to the creatures stats. The introduction of both indom and indo gen2 out classing all epic and legendaries easily. Maxima got buffed significantly meaning all its once counters (the chompers) now had either no way to kill it our just really relied on luck; this also marked the start as Gemini reign but for now it sat in the shadow of maxima…

1.10 saw the revival of all dodgers and yet indo gen2, indom, erlidom, and indom gen2 get no stat compilation from the buff to dodge. Maxima gets an even bigger buff to health.

1.11: cautious strike get another ability added to it in exchange for indo losing definte rampage leading to even more spam form everyone’s favorite raptor. This was also the start of the region of the mammoth hybrids with there always a able ferocious strikes. Yet some good is come out for maxima did lose its defined rampage meaning at least dodger stood a chance one.

1.12 brought with so many changes moths introduction making it the third best Dino in the game behind indoraptor 2 and Gemini receives it DSA allowing it to basically beat any opponent with a problem.

As you can see every update since 1.5 they have just broken and forgotten more and more and more of what they said could and couldn’t be done. But like you said diversity is good but sometimes that diversity leads to monster being created unstoppable. Diversity can be done the community has submitted many ideas but ludia usually just does its own thing and it usually never good and in out favor.


But of course, rules aren’t the only way to balance the game. When I come up with builds on the forums I just try to leave room for counters in creatures that are of similar rarity, because that method works for me.
I have no idea what’ll work for Ludia, but whatever they’re trying now sure isn’t.

Like what @bobbymcfeen said, I certainly don’t want to see the game devolve into one where all the creatures have boring, repetitive kits.


Same here but there is also have to be some consistency. For example they can’t say oh we nerfed the rhinos, thyla, and laoraptor for balance when they have phor, moth, Gemini, indo gen2 and prorat running around.