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Ludia's Report Card for the 2020-2021 year

It’s the end of the school year, and report cards are in!!! Let’s see how you did this year Ludia when it comes to Jurassic World Alive.
NOTE: This is not meant to be rude or mean in any way. This is how I feel as a consumer of the product that is JWA. I have seen and discussed with many people the topics covered here and this was my final result on this report card. With that being said, let’s get into it.

Creature Design: A

No surprises here. The design team, as always, does a spectacular job. With apexes and parasaur lux coming into the mix, they had some room for creativity, and let me just say they delivered. Parasaur Lux is beautiful, the dodos are comical and smooth, Andrewsarchus, while looking uglier than 8 month-old cheese, looks like it would back then, and the hybrids are simple, yet nice. Eremoceros, skoonasaurus, and edaphocevia are examples of the hybrids that look very good, but aren’t all wild and crazy. So design team at Ludia, give yourselves many pats on the back. You did very well.

Game Mechanics and Features: B

Again, Ludia has done pretty well here. We just got a new and very interesting mechanic with flocks and security. I never saw this coming and I gotta say it’s a very different way of playing and I like it. Then we take a jump back in time to the achievements, and this was a good one. I was really bored with the game and when these came out, I was playing as often as I did back in the early days. It was new and different, and the good kind. Having something other than new creatures and stat updates is nice, and this was one of those things. So, why only a B? Well, it has to do with proximity spawns. Proximity spawns are NOT bad. They encourage hunting and going outside, which is healthy. BUT (and this is a big but), this was during a little thing called Covid, so the poor timing really holds the grade back. But overall very nice.

Creature Balancing: C-

There are some creatures that really need to be looked at because they are just stupid. Ceramagnus is the sinoceratops in the room on this one, because it’s, in my honest opinion, the strongest thing in JWA history, and everything struggles with it. It can break through mammolania and skoona’s defenses while also being able to have an instant strike that accelerates it to over 150 speed. It had the potential to sweep teams at 26 and 27 in the shores, where you really only see creatures at 28 and above. It’s busted unboosted and stupid boosted. BUT, there are some good things. For example, I mentioned skoonasaurus just now, and this is where Ludia redeems itself here. They took creatures that were struggling like poukendactylus, entelolania, skoona, and dracocerato and gave them a lot of love. They also are beginning to take care of the swap meta and starting to make cunnings more prevalent again. But there are other issues with balancing that I will talk about later.

Customer Service and Community Feedback: F

This is 100% not your strong suit. You really need to work in this department, and unfortunately, it’s one of, if not THE, most important areas in running a business. The customer is usually right, and when 1000 customers out of 1150 say something is bad, you don’t need a survey to wonder if a system is liked or not. It’s pretty obvious. Honestly, I feel like you never test anything and then chuck something at us and when we voice our issues with it, you look at our opinions like it’s a used disposable napkin, and we are getting fed up. And it’s not like you really gave a care in the world when we kept voicing our issues with it. No responses. No sign that you are paying attention to us. Nothing. When you said you’d really step it up on community feedback, I was skeptical, and I must say I knew you’d fall through on that one. You really need to work on this, because if you don’t, you may as well kiss your customers goodbye. Here is the poll on the GP server if you are interested :slight_smile: :
The Arena: F

The arena is terrible. So many players have decided to quit the arena or not take it seriously anymore. Why? Apexes are a big reason to start off. The day they were introduced I was a bit fearful of hpw these creatures would impact the game, and for many they have ruined it. Chomp and swap. Chomp and Swap. That’s it. THANKFULLY, the flocks have really helped with this, but there are still some major issues. The biggest being the rewards. The payout isn’t worth all the time and frustration that goes into this. And the monthly rewards? They stink. While touj may become event locked, many people have a lot of it, and you can always go out or just pop a giga scent. Give us something that can be useful, like brachiosaurus or nasutoceratops. At the end of the day though, it’s just better to invest in an advantage tournament team.

Tournaments: D-

Well, what do I start with here? The false advertising or the recent events that I have already discussed with the 40/20 system? Let’s start with the 40/20 system just to get that out of the way. The system was bad. Because of how these “skill” tournaments are, you lose a speedtie, you lose 40. You get lucky enough to win, here’s 20. Now you need 2 battles to gain what you lost. This screwed up alliance championships and many players in general. I lost 2 speedties and was 80 in the hole. Then I tried again and got crit y a dracorex back to back, thus netting me another 40 behind. And when I beat someone 100 spots ahead of me? 26. That’s it. This system didn’t even work right. Come on Ludia. If you implement a system, MAKE SURE IT WORKS. Now, let’s talk about these so-called “skill” tournaments. Why do I use quotes here? Well, because the system is at most 15% skill and the rest is luck in many different forms. Speedties, deck rng, or battle rng to name most of that 85%. There is almost no skill involved. Whelp, they live closer to Ludia, so I barely stand a chance. And how do we showcase this new system? Why, in quite possibly the most unbalanced tournament out there. This was the tournament:
That’s what my experience was after multiple battles. And Titanoboa gen 2 was common enough to possibly move up. When 7 of your 8 creatures are the same as everyone else’s, and that 8th can also match an opponent’s, then it just becomes who draws what to counter these creatures on that team and who has the better battle rng. I’m gonna go in depth here because skill tournaments are really REALLY bad. Now, let’s take a look at Andrewsarchus. What counters Andrew? Cunnings. Let’s look at all the rare cunnings available.
Not a bad list. There are some good options here. Now, let’s look a bit deeper, shall we? Anyone who plays any sort of meta environment knows about swappers like nasuto, monostegotops, and irritator gen 2. Swap in damage is a very relevant ability to have and will probably never go away. The 2 big ones here are dracorex and nasutoceratops. Why? Well not only does dracorex have 1100 damage on the swap, but it also has some decent turn 1 options, a nice moveset, and great bulk. As for nasuto, you have a better swap in move for less damage, even more bulk, a move that basically extends its bulk even more, a stunning move, and immunity to pin. Yeah both of these were very, VERY common. What do they have to do with here? Well, they nullify a lot of these cunnings. While nasuto is more of an all-rounder, dracorex is used to just remove many cunnings from the field. Here, it takes 5 rares and just comes in on them when they are at full hp, and 2-shots them. So let’s toss those guys are in the trash can.
Now let’s move onto Haast eagle gen 2. When it takes you 3 turns to deal 3000 damage, and almost every fierce creature has over 3000 hp, yeah you get sent to the trash as well. Dilophosaurus is a good and bulky cunning, but it is slower than Andrew and speedties dracorex. Into the trash can. Koolasuchus and diplocalus are similar being they both have similar kits, but because they are just so linear and because they are still not fast enough to outspeed the faster cunnings or do so much damage to be worth it, they also get sent to the trash can. Also diplocalus speedties Andrew so yeah.
Now let’s move onto another big creature in this format: Suchotator. Suchotator is so diverse that it can handle anything. And it can easily 2-shot all of the cunnings that dracorex can kill as well as many others like gorgonops, kelenken, arctops, proceratosaurus, diplotator, and erlikosaurus gen 2. All of them get thrown out. We now have 3 left, but 1 of those has other issues. Inosotherium does have a good turn 1, but it’s only on revenge. After that, 2100 as your big attack isn’t special unless you got something else going, which inosotherium doesn’t have. This thing was built for raids, not the arena. And thus, it is tossed and we have 2 creatures left.
We are now reduced to 2 viable options: Ornithomimus and Compsognathus gen 2. Both can deal with the brutality of the other common creatures in this tournament and have roles that they fill better than everything in the trash can. There are some niches the rares in the bin can fill, but they just end up falling short. And I did this whole process with this specific type of creature because this is true with every single tournament. Why choose moschops when doedic does what it does better? Why choose rex when you have acro? And this is what makes these tournaments narrow down to 7 individuals that are just superior to their counterparts and thus limit diversity. And speaking of diversity Ludia keeps shoving the same formats at us for week after week after week. It’s old and tiresome, and because they don’t focus on nonhybrids with updates and stat changes, it’s literally repeats of the same old thing. It’s getting old and fast. What saves tournaments then? Well advantage tournaments do somewhat save this as they give put really good rewards with the exclusive DNA. But they don’t save it enough because not may players have access to good teams, so those rewards are limited. So, it barely passes. (This was a long part of the evaluation, but with the recent events, I thought it was necessary)

So, after this evaluation, Ludia’s GPA for the 2020-2021 year rounds out at 1.56 . That’s a D+. Ludia step up your game. We’re getting sick of this. Design team and the people who came up with flocks and achievements and all the other cool mechanics, keep doing what you do, because you’re the saving grace of the game. The rest of you really need to focus on the big issues, because this anniversary event may be the last anniversary of JWA.


Perfectly written well done :clap:t3:


Nicely done. they should be aiming for a C at least because as my mom always said “Cs for degrees”


Well done! I will like to add something about that tournament see off that everyone had almost the same team. But I used a different way to counter in my team. For example, one of my team from the last week of the tournament is…

And I agree with you more @ElEduardo

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Best article in a long while. Well done sir!!!


I agree, with the class system update, so many things are just clones that are better then other stuff or just got nerfed and lost what was unique about it. like tournaments before the class update, you had a lot more options and wasn’t soo much rock paper scissors crap. Plus everything gotta be like that you can’t have fierce beating cunning and cunnings beating resilients and so on. I remember when kentro had distraction and being a overall good epic creature but now look at it

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Awesome job, well thought out and clearly you care about this game. The only issue is will the company actually listen.


Thank you very much for that great, well thought and 100% true article!
You did a great job and I totally agree with the arguments.
I just hope Ludia will listen. But I gotta admit I kinda doubt that.

I actually had to laugh when I read that Ludia started a survey askin how we players like the new tournament system. Like if they couldn‘t find out and it wasn‘t that much of a deal. The forum literally exploded and Ludia‘s like „well time to ask our dear players how they like the new system. I wonder if anyone noticed a change“, after a few days of sh storming.


Very well written! I truly admire how you took the time and effort to write such an extensive post regarding this subject. :clap:

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Wonderfully written, covers just about everything.

I’m especially glad you covered the arena rewards - they really are garbage. Every incubator I open is the same old thing, day after day, update after update. There’s no reason the latest epics can’t be included in the regular 3 hour incubators, for instance. It would probably encourage users to spend HC on opening the incs!

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Oh I know that feeling from college lol. I would hope they aim for an A, but with how they are running things, it’s a D+. The design team should work alone. The Grade doesn’t reflect their hard work

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@ElEduardo this is a really creative way of associating the game’s performance to a report card. Nicely done :raised_hands:t3:

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Go to your room! You’re grounded till your grades improve! :angry:
In all seriousness though
Design team you are doing an amazing job keep up the great work!
I really like the new flock mechanic because its so cute to me
PvP in general is doing bad
Balancing I can’t really talk about as I haven’t battled any ceras.
I agree with you @ElEduardo also this is the best thread I have seen here in a while, its so creative giving Ludia a grade report

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It’s d for degrees - obviously.

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The arena awards need to improve to not only give players a reason to play, but also help prevent droppers by giving incentives to climb

Love this!

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Nothing about weekly events?

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Perfect response

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I had a very good time reading this article. Like Everything, yes everything said in the entire article is totally true.

I want to ask Ludia to make use of their social media platforms (FB/Twitter) to communicate with issues rather than just random posting once a day.

Big Thanks to @ElEduardo for the way of representating it for @Ludia to understand their odd just like we did when we Grew up :crazy_face:.



I really hope they improve their communication skills with their consumers because at the end of the day, it’s not the dev’s opinions of the game or the CEO’s opinions of the game that matter, but the CONSUMER’S opinions that matter. We are their income, so out opinions are most important