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Ludia's way of changing the meta is

Pounce is the only rampage move without a delay and it’s possessed by the fastest creature in the game. It also lowers the opponents attack. The first meta was run by the raptors

Then ludia added Super Strike, that cleansed everything and was pretty powerful, killing the raptor meta immediately. Superiority strike was then “nerfed” so it only cleanse distraction

Then, they added evasive, that dodged everything and many thought it was broken, so Ludia added definite/precise and changed dodge to 66% of damage

Then they added swap in rampage, we all know what happened…so, it was literally removed from the game

Now, we have cautios strike, that…does everything mentioned above… I wonder what will happen to it.

Ludia’s way of changing the meta consists of adding a “broken” MOVE (not creature) every now and then…

What do you think is going to happen next?:grin:

We can only wait and see from our seats. :face_with_monocle:

Imagine if strike was the most overpowered move

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Rampage doesn’t have a delay either.