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Ludia's Yoshi Distribution Plan

Last week, we received lots of Proceratosaurus DNA
This week, we are going to receive loads of Orthiomimus DNA
At the end of this week, we are going to receive heaps of raw Yoshi DNA!


Distribute, have people pour boosts into it, then nerf it and start doing the same with the next dino.

I love it when a plan comes together!


From what I am getting from it is they gave up on the Rat being the cash cow, however they give copious amounts of Mexichicken DNA as well as components, so that it could be a possible counter to Indo Gen 2. Thus having 2 cash cows. Just my inference. Either that or they are prepping for either Legendary or Unique for Mexichicken.


Aaand, that’s why my level 29 Yoshi is unboosted and will be staying that way. I’m not worried about coins. It’s much easier to obtain coins than boosts, so I’ll level her to 30 if she isn’t nerfed too hard.


can’t wait for Yoshi’s inevitable hybrid tbh


i kinda wanna see that. same with DC’s hybrid. Tho hopefully they aren’t horribly broken.


Would be intriguing.

I boosted mine a bit, but fully expect I will be taking a 50% return on that investment soon.

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Give the super rat a reflect ability. Instead of having a swap in attack it reflects them back at the creature that swaps in


Every time there is a glut of DNA given out, the target creature gets nerfed.

They gave us sino dna for months yet they didn’t nerf anything that needs it…

Pssh, that’s why my lvl 15 Yoshi will be staying that way! :wink: I did the math and have enough DNA (assuming 23 per fuse) to get to 29 but why bother when we all know what’s coming…

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


Same reason Mines still 15! :sweat_smile:


Mine is working well in my team, so I’ll enjoy using her until the inevitable happens. At least I’m not wasting any boosts, as THAT would be a bad idea! :sweat_smile:

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It’s all good; I’m not opposed to people doing what they want - heck with the amount of DNA they’re throwing at us, you may be able to hit 30 and STILL max out the super hybrid! :crazy_face:

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I never liked this dino lol. And the op is forgetting to mention that the components and yoshi have been featured multiple times back to back. You also got season rewards aswell. This dino is definitely a mascot. Few patches ago they were also pumping and dumping its components and the creature itself. We also had a strike tower and incubator sales for it…

I never liked it, not only because its op but its meh to me. I leveled it to 15, to push alliance epic goals then left it to sit forgotten. I also passed a procerat two weeks in a row because remember it’s a daily dino too.

Its everywhere and easy to get
It’s over powered
It has the abilities to be featured almost every event because it does almost everything.
It ruins tournaments
It’s an easy to level epic that slays many uniques including magna.
Its kit is ridiculous almost does everything and is the biggest rng fest.
And I felt like it was a crutch dino for people who didn’t have the means yet. Boy was I wrong it has the means to kill a bunch of dinos with ease.
People say it helps them with Thor but even Thor has more counters that doesn’t rely on rng.
Players defend it because it’s easy to get and it’s a trolling dino perfect to invest boosts into which most do. (except when it does get a nerf)

I should probably just stop it there lol.


Oh, but here’s my guess for the super hybrid: Megaloceros. Something no one could possibly stock pile, and will be willing to shell out big $$ for! :deer:

I don’t have any boosts on mine. Without them and with the current immune meta in the game, he is limited use