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Lunar Event Jan 20-26


I could use a couple of the rares, and Darwin isn’t bad.
erlikogamma master strike
and a DC attempt isn’t the worst.


2020 is the year of the rat on the Chinese zodiac calendar. DC is in the week. Nice.


On friday alloraptorstrike?

let me see…
-Arambourgiana X24
-Erliko until erlidom become lvl 30.
-draco?now he sucks…

It’s Erlikogamma

Wow this is the first time I need something in each rarity
Good job

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Sweet, i still have to unlock her. I’m always shirt of erliko gen 2.

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I’ll always take galli, arambo and darwin :wink:.

Arambo is definitely a good choice, sad the legendary to dart is rat


I hope it is reworked into budget utarinex one day, then is given a good unique that isn’t ridiculously op.

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Great commons! All 3 are great.
Aramba is the rare I’m darting. Maybe wueho to.
Epics are nice. Darwin and erlik imma go all out on.

Here’s a tip for when you dart the rat: Pretend your firing bullets at it.

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You really need Galli for Monomimus ?

Pterovexus: Am i a joke to You?


Sorry for Vexus :sweat_smile:

Only thing I need wue for tarkus other than that passive week also serious a rat event :rofl::joy:

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Wuerhosaurus is the only dinosaur I need off of that week.

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Better tip dart everything you need on Saturday and sleep in on Sunday


Not a bad week. I’ll be going for:

Any common
Tuo and Wuerho
Any epic

And of course DC which is only useful for when it gets a superhybrid.

Tuo finally! That’s the only one I need for both Dio and Tuora. And I’m going to be busy. Bummer.