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Lunar New Year Creatures Incubator Content

Hi there… just bought the lunar incubator (not the light one). So i share my experience with you, so you can decide if its worth for you. I think the coins and cash are worth it!


Well that is worth it isnt it…Wow…

Cashs and Coins are really worth tho…

How is it worth more than the discount on cash or coin sale that comes around once in a while!? This incubator stinks! Cash grab much?

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Because of the golden chicken!

How much did it cost?

$69.99 in USD. Still being advertised in the market now. (although I’m not buying… just window shopping.)

You can get that much erliko from 2 encounters if you bought 2 epic scent and went to erlikos zone prob get same or more amount how is “chance” at erliko worth this ridiculous price??

For what youd usually pay for the coins and cash alone its worth it. 9000 cash doesnt get you that many coins and over £48 worth of cash ontop of the DNA. Not value for money but in ludia terms its the best deal.

These deals are always good value because of the coins and dino bucks IF you can afford it. Ive bought a few of these offers although the lower end versions and theyre always worth it if you have the money to spend.

I was disappointed with this incubator. I got sino instead of Erliko. But still I was expecting way more. Def not worth 70 bucks.

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:joy::joy::joy: sorry credit card

The epics in this incubator are definitely worth it if u can spare the cash

I could buy an Xbox 360 2 controllers and a game for this much it’s definitely not worth! You can get that much DNA from epic scent for way cheaper and coins and hard cash only really worth buying when they have a discount sale! Not even enough DNA to unlock a unique or lvl one more than 1 lvl. Ludia at it again! Remember the two 15$ Halloween deals that gave almost as much cash and coins, this is a joke!!

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buy for the 8888 dino cash + 500k coins.
because the price value is equal for that 2 factors only.
The rest of the lunar DNA’s given (epic,rare,common) are all free…

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How on earth can one spend 70$ on an incubator and still think it was worth it? Come on guys…


Its not worth it but its ‘value’ for a ludia incubator/deal. You could use 3 epic scents and not get the dino you need. Anyway 7 epic scents costs £48. This is more £££ but you get more cash/coins and DNA.


Thanks for this information. I bought some more - stats are in the same range like yours. Nice side effect: Now i am a coin millionaire :sweat_smile::grimacing::champagne:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I think I just wet myself :+1:

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