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Lunar New Year Week


Looks decent. I’ll be hitting up alloraptor, mammoth, ovi and erlik g2.


I will hit Mono G2, Tuo, Ovi, Erli G2, Sino, Allosino

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Wuerhosaurus is finally back! Hopefully a Carnotarkus buff will follow soon.
Good week, and they finally updated something.


Funny how the scent Is rhino and the Mammoth


All the rare are good, the epics also good excpt sino
Good week in general

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I need all the rare ones. I need Wuerho for my Tarkus, Tuojiango for Tuora, Erlik II for Spyx and Ovi for Ovilopho. This week will be really fantastic for me.

I will go 4 allo

Tuoji is all I need :slight_smile:


I’m going for alloraptor and oviraptor because i don’t have ovilophosaurus yet and jut in chaste that alloraptor gets a hybrid

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Question Remains: will we get a Valentine’s Day event? Cuz the event ends feb 14th and It will Surpass the day, therefore we may not get a Valentine’s Day Event

Sunday is Valentine’s Event. Look at the schedule. It’s all Hearts not Lanterns

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ill be going for all rares, mostly tuiogun, erliko and indom, but when the chests are glowing like that, be prepared to get some legendary dna. last time i got like 50 paramoloch dna

Time to feed my indom

Also, I’ll dart ovi because I cannot find that darn thing anywhere

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Well erliko gen2 still good for spyx, alloraptor also good in case he got a hybrid one day. And treasure chest all week also nice.

So no epic DNA specific incubator this week?

I certainly could do with those Rares this week.



Ludia: haha you wish now we’re gonna nerf it again .

commons: meh, I’ll just dart at random
rares: ok, prob gonna dart everything but wuhu
epics: mainly erliko, very few mamoths, and most likely 0-1 sinos
legendaries: indom or alloraptor
I think its a pretty good week