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Lunar year event rework

Looking at this luner year event I feel the dinos arent picked correctly. I think it will be better to pick them using the chinese zodiac.
As it is to late to change it this year I will suggest this for next years to come.

Dinos to go will be tarbo, dilopho, Arambour, sino, darwin.

I will add smilodon(tiger), titanaboa g1 and g2(snake), kelenken, phorusrhacos(rooster) and nasutoceratops(ox)

So in total:
Commons 27 attempts:
Deinocheirus, gallimimus, phorusrhacos

Rares 24 attempts
Arambour, titanoboa g2, kelenken, nasutoceratops

Epic 9 attempts:
Erlikosauros, smilodon, titanoboa

Then one attempt at a legendary or unique representing that animal. Just like dc representing the rat this year.

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