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Lunchboxes only work once

They do not populate once every hour and you can not get more than 1 try

as this says you should be able to get more points on a lvl 20

Yup, as intended :frowning:

But it says you can get up to 25k on them. Normally a chase works as it will be over the map and repeatedly. As per previous

Ludia have stated it is working as intended. They changed how it works but can’t be bothered to change what it says ingame.

This is your punishment for playing their game basically.


Yup, they seem to like hiding behind “well, TECHNICALLY…” excuses.

Same reason there was zero compensation for the Spelling Bee HOWLING MOCKING LAUGHTER “miscommunication” where they released the wrong schedule on Twitter and didn’t change it until it was basically too late (who would have had any reason to check it so far into the week? I was told it was altered fairly late on a Thursday) and people like me coming out of work on Friday found we didn’t get to fill out our rare attempts because it was SOOOO important that a single attempt on a cruddy legendary take up an ENTIRE BLOODY DAY by itself! Bye-bye, Arctops; I missed out on over 2000 DNA for no good reason.

Zero notification in-game announcing to check an updated event schedule. Zero sense of urgency of any sort to convey critical information. Zero. cares. given. Ludia in a nutshell.