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Lure and winner DNA


Hello, I just have some suggestions.

  1. There should be some kind of lures available to buy with gold coins that attracts dinos to your location.

  2. During battles - the dino that stands as winner should be rewarded with DNA - kinda like leveling up.

  3. When you level up, the dinos requires more DNA = more darts. Therefor the 140 dart limit should be upgraded whenever you level up.

Regards :slight_smile:

Why not? Suggestion (pheromone dart)

Yes to all 3. I like those ideas.


All three are good ideas that’s why we won’t get them


Amazing ideas! 202020


I like these ideas. They’re solid.

Adding idea of “frog” DNA we can use as DNA for any dinosaur. Basically, a multipurpose filler we can use to get those last few DNA to level up, or to get us closer to the goal of eventually leveling.