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Lux counter idea

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Also, check out my other creation: Ceramagnus counter idea

But what’s Alanonyx?

I think it’s balanced for the most part. However, the Defense Shattering Devastation is something I’m a little cautious about.

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Grypolyth, Diorajasaur, Mammolania, and basically anything with a high damage output, decent armor, and excellent shield abilities is already a counter for Hadros Lux :rofl:


If Lux plays smart, Lux can Killa grypo. Just don’t let Lux attack when grypo has the attack buff.


Fair point, I just thought I might as well make something that counters every apex, also this has a different approach in countering lux. Like for this one you can pretty much guarantee full health after killing lux if you use the moves correctly

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I dont mind just devastation, still does the job, I just thought maybe a new move would be nice and enables it to beat more stuff with the huge setup, it has 2 delay and cooldown anyway

Alanonyx is alanqa+baryonyx g2. It’s got similar playstyle as it but doesnt quite kill lux because it’s got DSR instead and also less resistances

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So would Alanonyx be used to counter a certain creature?

Lux only has one move that isn’t an attack and Grypolyth can heal itself

I beat grypo with lux easily, grypo usually 2 levels above, I wont tell the trick though😏

Lux can try to swap, which effectively means it does nothing for a turn since it’s not resistant to swap-prevention.

Grypolyth could also use its instant stun ability.

Even though Hadros can’t be stunned, it also means Grypolyth won’t attack and therefore won’t get hit by the counterattack.

I think Qaw may have spoiled it already for ya :rofl:

I tried it in the Toolbox sim and Grypolyth seems to win regardless. Boost spreads probably make the difference here.

The buff from ferocious shields lasts one turn longer in Toolbox than in game. Hadros can stall it out.

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Hadros can stall as much as it wants, but that only means Grypolyth has more chances to get its Ferocious Defense back up.

After all, it counts attacks as well as turns, so as long neither Grypolyth nor Hadros attacks, the shield will stay up.

The shield applies for two turns only, unfortunately. I don’t have the exact numbers but I’m fairly sure it means Hadros generally beats Grypolyth if it goes rampage, heal, rampage, rampage.

Turn 0: Grypolyth shields up.
Turn 1: Grypolyth does whatever.
Turn 2: Grypolyth attacks/heals/immobilizes. Shield goes down.

I ran one possible move order and got this. Even level no boosts, Hadros wins.

Turn 1:
Hadros Lux uses Rampage (-2400).
Hadros Lux receives 25% rending damage (-1275).
Grypolyth uses Ferocious Defence.
Grypolyth: 1800
Hadros Lux: 3825

Turn 2:
Grypolyth uses Emergency Heal (+2813).
Hadros Lux uses Resilient Rampage (-1200).
Hadros Lux receives 37.5% rending damage (-1913).
Grypolyth: 3000
Hadros Lux: 1912

Turn 3:
Hadros Lux uses Greater Emergency Heal (+3000).
Grypolyth uses Fierce Strike (-1875).
Grypolyth’s damage increase and shields go down.
Hadros Lux uses Medium Resilient Counter (-600).
Grypolyth: 2400
Hadros Lux: 3037

Turn 4:

Hadros Lux uses Rampage (-2400).
Grypolyth: 0
Hadros Lux: 3037.

I think this holds true even if Hadros heals on turn 2. The shield and ferocity duration of Ferocious Shields is weird but as far as I can tell this is what happens in game.

Yeah, I forgot that the turn it uses the move counts as a turn of ferocity. That’s why we wanted it to be changed to a priority move.