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Lux In low aviary


There’s is a lux in low aviary, his team was a consistent level 25. This only at 4600 too. I have a level 27 indom cuz I haven’t battled consistently in a long time, but most are only 22 for me. I knew of droppers but I didn’t think it was this bad, like tourney finally got me to play pvp since it was more fun than most with people using different Dino’s and then I see this in arena


Ludia:Seems perfectly normal to me


Just because they have a Lux doesn’t mean they’re a dropper. Its easy to breeze a low level through some of the raids. So expect to start seeing apexes even lower than aviary.

Also, isn’t 24-26 normal for aviary anyway?


ya, i didnt think they were a dropper. i just didnt think that players even had lux as low as aviary . i wasnt complainging about the 25’s. that was my 3rd match back in a month and i saw a lux which i thot was crazy

That would make a great article for Gamepress staff… Just polling their Discord members for data. One of the biggest problem with this forum is often due to the fact that we all have opinions about how to deal with different dinos, but it is based on our current level and we often have no clue what is the picture like, in other arenas… Having a better idea of what are the average score/team for each arenas would be cool.

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Possibly a year ago. I knwo 22s were plenty to keep you middle to high aviary. Now… hard to say with how messed up ludia made the game.


I run a team of unboosted level 20 and 21 dinos and I go up and down from about mid aviary to high estate depending on how nice the matchmaking is.

Around the 4700 trophy mark is where I start to see some apexes and I hit my wall and get kicked down again.

Also not counting when matchmaking is absolute garbage and I get put up against players with 5000+ trophies and their Mortys on steroids.

Hahah maybe at one point but ya not now

Last year you could get into Library repeatedly with a team of unboosted 21s and lower. Aviary is even more of a dumpsterfire now than it was then, so it’s hard to tell what’s normal.


You have not seen anything in the Aviary yet, there are things that are super powered and worse, I have run into Hadros, Motrem Rex and Ceramagnus.
This is the effect of giving anyone the ability to obtain those creatures.

ya, it really sucks. i remember once with level 18 dinos, i face all level 30s. the matchmaking is horrible and it seems like it will only get worse

This, unfortunately, will be the new standard. And it will even get worse.

There always have been creatures Ludia gave away like candy. But luckily they normally have not been top tier. This has changed with Apexes. You get them nearly for free while at least 2 of them are massively overpowered.

Feel a bit sorry for the low level players who will get destroyed by lvl 26+ Apexes.

there’s no “normal” or “average” level anymore, it all depends on what you use and how you play, my team’s average level is 23,225 and I’m in middle to high aviary (4750-4900) but I’m different from most of my opponents who usually have a team of fully boosted lvl 28 thors, monos or indos and the rest of their team is lvl 21-22 unboosted stuff.

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