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Lv.21 Geminititan vs. lv.30 Stygidaryx

My unboosted lv.30 Stygidaryx just got stomped by a little health boosted lv.21 Geminititan in the first round of the match.Of course I know it was a bad match up but I was so curious how can I pull with these disadvantage I was given.

Spamming SS wasn’t a good idea but that was the only thing Daryx could do when face up against immune creatures so Geminititan just heavily depleted my health with D.Rampage and destroyed all my shield with DSA.

With a large health pool of Gemini, Superiority Strike from lv.30 Daryx didn’t do anything more than tickle it a little. Bloody bird totally has no chance against it even there are 9 level different which is so hilarious. :joy::joy::joy:

So please, I know Daryx is already OP in bleeders league but give her more love against those high Tyrants which has immune to DoT.


Ha ha ha ha…

Yes… I’d prefer a straight damage boost for Stygi given it only has x1 moves.

Daryx with 1900 DMG :smirk:

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