LV 40 Tournament Creatures I Can Have Without Breaking My Current Battle Balance?

My LV 10 Erliphosaurus I won and unlocked from a past March Madness has a Ferocity of 4,566.2 which is so far my strongest creature followed by several LV 20 VIPs and two hybrids. Of all the Tournament tier legendary Land animals I unlocked, it seems like I can only add a LV 40 Gorgosaurus and LV 40 Deinocheirus so far without them surpassing my Erliphosaurus and thus, breaking my balance.

What other max LV Tournament Land creatures I can add to my roster without them breaking the balance of my current roster?

You can try Acanthostega, Kentrosaurus and Yutyrannus. But I would rather considering to improve the rest of my lineup so that none of them will be a problem for you finally.


You can add any tourney hybrid but keep the stronger ones at like lvl 31-35 or something. They don’t have to always be maxed

I think that all creatures that do not exceed nodo can be maximized. Afterwards I am not a great specialist in ferocity

I’m just worried I’ll accidentally level them up to 40 anyway. Though, I did manage to control my impulse with the Dunkleosaurus I won from a past March Madness and kept it at only LV 2 for two years so it won’t break my Aquatic battle balance.

If you have gorgosaurus you could go for a gorogosuchus.