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Lv20 4500 trophy active everyday player. Looking for active alliance


Level 20, complete dailies everyday, donate pretty much anything, and 99% of the time Max incubators. I have been super active during the rush challenge but we have a lot of non-active players currently. I would love to join a really active/competitive alliance.

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talk to @Tori_baugh


talk to @TyrannosaurusLex


talk to @Someone :joy:


If you’re still looking for an active alliance please take us into consideration. We’ve got a good bunch of very active players. You can PM me your info or look us up, our alliance name is HeWasNumber1.


Our alliance is pretty active and the leader checks that every week :slightly_smiling_face: search for MERC unit if you’re interrested :slightly_smiling_face:


Talk to @me :grin:
“Lords of Jurassic World”


I’ve got room:
Virginia USA

No matter your progress! Feel free to join!


FlemishPredators Always welcomes active players !


Stan Keho DNA alliance small and still looking for others to join