LV30 Majundasuchus...finally after thousands of tap tap tap

I know this might be a hybrid someone might never even bothered to fuse, but…

Finally I’ve arrived here, after all these tap screen for fusing.:joy:joy:joy:
Thanks all alliance friends for their donation! Or I won’t be able to complete this, as a L3 player.

Majunda is definitely far from the best counter-attacker, but compare the DNA resource collection gap, I still decide to keep using this kid in my team. As maybe the only one use Majunda in Aviary, now you can always notice your opponent is me, if you see this kid.:joy:


Congrats!!! Awesome accomplishment :clap::tada::grin::grin:

Is she worth it? How does she fair in aviary?





Congrats man!
I’m a long ways away from my first level 30…
I can’t imagine how many times you’ve hit that fuse button tho!!

Which gives me an idea …




LOL totally agree, not worth the price.
But still, I do this for some clear purpose.

  1. I might never able to raise up those better counter attackers. Kapro for Spinotah, Ankylo for Tryko.
  2. In this level, Majunda could be a stable I-rex counter. With shield and 1spd faster. Somehow could also swap in and terminate some Stegod.
  3. The most important … I love that design.:heart:

I actually not really care about the rank. In top 500 is enough, never try to compete with whales.
So the third LV30 for me might be… Myself


Well done! Thats proper dedication right there, congrats :partying_face:


When i think just one of those last 4 levels would prolly be enough tarbo to finish fusing thor for me i die a little inside. Lol… but congrats. How does it work at those levels?

This kid always works.:+1:

I mean… I am not giving up Thorlado, despite I raised Tarbo until this level.
(My Tarbo was lv29 before ver.1.5, and the only reason keep in that level is because I offer DNA for fusing)
The things I really going to do is let Tarbo be LV30, but also evolve Thorlado inthe same time.
Which means it will need a long period for grind DNA.

So that Tarbo might always be a mascot, but Thorlado will been in the deck.

885 damage? that’s all? at level 30? :sob:

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Lol no, it’s 912 atk.
But I take the screenshot ATM the stats still showing how it raised up.
And there’s still other thing I want to mention later.

Actually Majunda must be more than 1000 atk.
But they missed some promised buff there.

Here’s the lost info:


What health and att is tarbo? Is he on your team? What is allo stats at level 30?

Tarbo will be hp-5653/atk-1945 in lv30.
Allo will be 6089/2006 in lv30. (If my calculate is correct)

And…I won’t use Tarbo in my team (well, maybe someday, and that will be just for fun)
Also Allo won’t be.

The reason is clear, they released several better chomper in ver.1.5.
All are not slower than tanks ( if you’ve noticed, rexy type original dinos are almost the slowest dinos in game)
So even though evolve these 2 common chompers until lv30, I think it still won’t be better than any hybrid chompers.
The only reason I scheduled to raise Tarbo until there, is just for love :heart: and that’s literally my iconic dino.:t_rex:

And Majunda is another different case. Yes, basically for personal favor with that design.
But it really work with some special strategies for me.

Congrats @Tarbosaurus, I think it’s awesome that you built up lvl 30s and made the top 500. May the buffs ever be in your favor!!

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Hmm not sure how I feel about this, not like it matters what I think.

It seems you could have dedicated those resources to a better, more competitive dino though, but if you are happy, thats all that matters. :wink:


I just found you in the rankings. You were 180 and I was 191. Would love to see that beast in the arena sometime. That is pretty cool. I like that you are different. So many teams with the same 8 dinos.

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Classic simpsons reference? +100!

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