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[LV32] Searching for an active clan

Hi! I’m very present on the game and I’m looking for an active clan.
A French clan would obviously be ideal for me but I can also integrate into an English (or global) clan, no problem. My English is ok without being unbelievable, so I just may communicate a little less than the other members on the Chat. :no_mouth:

In any case, count on me to participate in alpha battles every day!

PS: I know some players who might also be interested in joining a clan, so if you have some space left… :wink:


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How much damage do you do per alpha attack? And are you able to use all 6 energy you get per day?

Mighty warriors recruiting to take down Alpha 5*. Min level 28 and 4.5k.Thx

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Thanks everyone for your messages but I finally found a clan. Maybe a next time. :yum:

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There is a space in the clan.

Chaps clan (Very active) has space for you