Lvl 1 spinotasuchus

What are the health and attack stats of lvl 1 spinotasuchus? I’m wondering if I’m ready to adopt one to my park.

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Thank you very much, @OstaposaurusBae. :blush:Spinotasuchus fits nice in my park, but my hatchery are not so fond (considering my hatching backlog). Maybe you could give me the stats of segnosuchus lvl 1 also?


I’m not @OstaposaurusBae but I can help you out with that one!


Thank you very much! :grinning:

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Your hatchery can be full for the first one since you will need to fuse it and not hatch it :wink:


Anyone got metraiphodonlevel 1 stats


You are right, @Sionsith. But if I make spinotasuchus, it will be the carnivore with most attack in my roster, and if I know the game right, it will make my life difficult if I only have one copy…

As long as you have others that are within range then it should not cause any problems. Now if you have a very large gap from lvl 1 Spinotasuchus to your next carnivores then maybe hold off. But you did say it would fit nicely in your park so I figured it wouldn’t even be the strongest.


At lvl 1 it will be no 29 in ferocity (after 8 tape, 10 dimetrocarnuses and a variety of others), but it will still be the carnivore with most attack. It’s my impression that some events (including FFF) are not only designed out from ferocity, but also wants you to use your creatures with most attack. And since I often have limited time to play, I want to finish events in one go, not waiting for cooldown. Then one copy is not enough.

I don’t think any event is solely based on a creatures attack, if it would be 29 on your roster fuse away, it should have little to no effect on any event.