Lvl 1 vs lvl 6


I just started and went into battle. My gen 1 dino against gen 3 both times how that fair and how does the pc pick your battles? Is there some way for that not happen?


Is there gen 3? Didnt see one yet.


Haven’t seen one ether


Must be a typo, surely it’s only gen 2


Please note that many many players are starting arena at vastly different levels of Dino. Some goes in the moment they have 4 dinos. Some wait till all their dinos are level 6. The only thing arena match up does is match trophies. So if you’re 30 trophy it’ll match you with someone at 30 trophy ± some percent. It DOES NOT match you with someone that has your level of dinosaurs. I feel this is the main gripe of a lot of people. They have totally wrong expectations of Arena battles.


But that not right either. I have not won one battle i have some gen 2 and every battle has been with people who have rare and gen 2 and higher lvl. There no way i can beat them.


I know the system needs to be refined, but for now as F2P I’m content with this battle system. I did lose a lot, but then my trophy is lower and got match up with other low trophy guys and I can win and have another incubator to pop.

There will be time when you can go higher, just do the arena dude