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LVL 13 Player from Germany lf active Alliance

Hi everyone,

I am looking for an active Alliance, where the people are nice, are helping each other and is also focused playing this nice game :slight_smile:

To speak about myself: not the youngest (44 already), speaks German and English (so a german alliance is not necessarily needed, but preferred) and I play since 4 weeks. I am a dedicated player who spends time and is getting better every day. I also like to help where I can.

Lvl 13, 4 legendaries already and working on the next. PVP 2380 trophies and this is increasing every day :slight_smile: I also tried the tournament this weekend. Makes fun :smiley:

I am happy to get any reply here. I will join after my work time is over :wink:

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hello we are not Germans. but if you want to join our alliance! MyVeryWaitJurassic fes leader arme84 # 1337

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I joined MyVeryWaitjurassic fes they treat me very well and they are on tier 7 already!